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PM Orbán Congratulates Benjamin Netanyahu on Government Formation

Barbara Bene 2022.12.30.

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán congratulated his Israeli counterpart Benjamin Netanyahu in a telegram on the occasion of the formation of Netanyahu’s sixth government. The Hungarian leader said that he wants to continue cooperation between the two countries.

Viktor Orbán said it is a remarkable political achievement that Benjamin Netanyahu is returning to the position of head of government, following his victory in the last elections in November. This perseverance is of particular significance in the difficult times we are facing, the Hungarian Prime Minister stated.

Our commitment to the strategic partnership between our two countries and to Israel’s security is the strongest possible, he emphasized, adding that

Hungary will continue to support Israel against biased and unfair approaches in the international arena.

Orbán stressed that Hungary is ready to further strengthen the close cooperation between the two countries based on a common understanding of national interests.

Netanyahu is chairman of his Likud party, and is the longest tenured prime minister in Israel’s history, having had the position for a total of 15 years, from 1996 to 1999, and again from 2009 to 2021. Even though his party suffered a loss in the 2021 election, it soon became obvious that the new government could not serve the country sufficiently. The situation eventually resulted in a new election in November and in Netanyahu returning to the prime ministerial post in December 2022.

Hungarian Leaders Congratulate Benjamin Netanyahu
Hungarian Leaders Congratulate Benjamin Netanyahu

"Hard times require strong leaders," Prime Minister Viktor Orbán wrote.Continue reading

The relationship between Netanyahu and Orbán goes back many years, with the two politicians standing up for each other on numerous occasions.

The Hungarian governing Fidesz party also has strong ties with the Likud party led by Benjamin Netanyahu, and the two leaders are considered close allies.

As Hungarian Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade Péter Szijjártó said before the Israeli elections, “a stable Israeli government led by Benjamin Netanyahu and a mid-term election victory for the US Republican Party would be a hopeful and encouraging development for peace in the Middle East.”

But it is not only the two prime ministers who have an outstanding relationship, but also the two countries, with military cooperation being one of the pillars of this relationship. As Hungary Today reported earlier, the Israeli ELTA radar system will be in service with the Hungarian Defense Forces in a matter of months.

Hungarian Eyes on Israeli Air-Defense Systems
Hungarian Eyes on Israeli Air-Defense Systems

Israel is becoming a key defense partner for the Hungarian armed foces.Continue reading

Moreover, the Hungarian military industry will also be involved in the production of some of the units of the locators, which are part of the Israeli Iron Dome air defense system. The elements of the radar system will incorporate Hungarian-made components from 2025 on, and Israel could  also potentially supply Spike anti-tank missiles for Hungary’s planned armored infantry fighting vehicle fleet.

Besides military cooperation, it also worth to mention the economic relationship between Hungary and Israel.

Israel is is the eighth largest investor in Hungary with an investment value of 3,900 million dollars.

The Israeli-owned pharmaceutical company Teva Group is also present in Hungary, which had a 23 million dollar capacity expansion investment recently in its Debrecen factory.

Hungarian President Katalin Novák also paid a visit to Israel in November, where she met with Israeli President Isaac Herzog. “The alliance of Hungary and Israel is unshakable. Hungary has always stood up for Israel in the international community, and I reassured President Isaac Herzog that Israel can count on Hungary’s continued support in the future as well,” Novák wrote on Facebook after the meeting.

Featured photo via Facebook/Izrael Magyarországon

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