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The goal of Hungary Today is to become the leading English-language news portal of Hungary. We dedicate our articles to everyone interested in Hungary, regardless of where they reside in the world. Although our news site focuses mostly on a single country, we are consistently committed to finding and presenting Hungary’s relationship to the European Union and regionally, with respect to the Central European region.

The staff of Hungary Today consists of young and experienced creative journalists, who are dedicated to providing comprehensive content, using diverse media tools to give you the best coverage on Hungary. We strive to provide a complete, unbiased picture of Hungary, making sure that everyone gets an equal opportunity to tell their side of the story. When it comes to politics, we seek to present a multitude of views on any particular topic.

Balanced journalism, however, does not necessarily mean that our writers do not have their own opinions, sometimes reflected to a degree in the articles they publish. The most vigorous opinion pieces and guest writings are typically displayed in our Blog section, which is distinguishable from our news section.

The views expressed by the authors of the Blog posts are theirs alone, and do not necessarily reflect the views of Hungary Today.


  • Political news in Hungary: the latest news about domestic or foreign policy issues
  • Economic news in Hungary: the latest business, economic and financial news about Hungary
  • Cultural news in Hungary: Hungarian culture and cultural events in Hungary
  • Sports news in Hungary: news about Hungarian athletes and Hungarian sports teams
  • Hungarian Lifestyle: a magazine about life in Hungary
  • Erasmus: news about Hungarian universities and higher education
  • Blog section about Hungary: comments and views on Hungary

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