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Hungary Today Wishes You a Merry Christmas!

Hungary Today 2021.12.24.

Today is December 24, the feast of the birth of Jesus Christ. Probably you are also already prepared for several days of festivities, where you can spend a nice time with your family. We have also prepared for Christmas and the coming festive days.

As in previous years, we have prepared some informative articles that will not only put you in the festive mood, but also take you on a little trip back in time and give you better insight into the landscapes, tastes, history, and customs of Hungary, as well as a little look back on the year 2021.

Make yourself a glass of mulled wine, and after baking one of your favorite Hungarian cake recipes from our website, grab a soft blanket and surf our website! And what exactly will you find in the next few days? Here is a small selection. Take your pick, and let’s get excited about these articles together!

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This year, we have prepared several recipes for you. Before Christmas, you can already read the recipes for the Chestnut Cream Soup and Eszterházy Cake, and for the first day of the New Year we are preparing a soup that will be tasty for those who have a hangover after the New Year’s Eve party. And to give you a look behind the scenes: in our gastro column, our chef prepares the dishes exclusively for us, and Adrienn Vass writes the wonderful gastro-historical articles and of course the recipes to go with them, i.e. how to prepare these delicacies.

As for the culture, we will show you the Christmas House in Szentendre, and we will also introduce you to its “twin sister,” the “Viennese Christmas Salon,” which was founded five years ago by a Hungarian woman in the Austrian capital and has been running with great success ever since.

Christmas Museum in Szentendre: Preserving the Christmas Magic of Old
Christmas Museum in Szentendre: Preserving the Christmas Magic of Old

The best Christmas trees are those decorated with love, says Éva Hubay, owner of the Christmas Museum and Shop in Szentendre. Interview.Continue reading

As history has shaped it, December 26 is also connected with one of Hungary’s greatest historical events. It was on this day in 1948, that Cardinal József Mindszenty was arrested by Hungarian communists on trumped-up charges of treason, conspiracy, and other crimes.

We also brought you our greatest sporting successes, our best interviews, and our tastiest and most-read recipes.

But we also look ahead to 2022, when we will show you which world stars will come to our country next year, what beautiful transformation the Buda Castle will undergo, and how already long-destroyed and bombed buildings have been reborn in recent years and will continue to be restored.

We wish you a happy and peaceful holiday season!

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The Best Traditional Hungarian Christmas Menu – with Recipes!
The Best Traditional Hungarian Christmas Menu – with Recipes!

Since we are approaching Christmas, we have collected our favorite recipes, as we all know that this time of the year in Hungary is not the same without the traditional festive menu.Continue reading

In the featured photo: the Christmas Museum and Shop in Szentendre. Photo by Attila Lambert/Hungary Today