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Twelve Hundred Ukrainian Refugee Children Attending Camps in Hungary

Barbara Bene 2022.08.19.

In recent months, more than 1,200 children from Ukraine have been attending camps run by charitable organizations throughout Hungary, said the Secretary of State for Church and Ethnic Relations of the Prime Minister’s Office and President of the National Humanitarian Coordination Council.

Visiting the camp for children of Ukrainian refugee families at Lake Balaton, Miklós Soltész said that it was a great joy that despite many difficulties and sadness they were able to come to the camp, where they try to bring an experience full of love and friendship into their lives.

"School to Success" for Refugee Children

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He said that of the children who have attended camps in Hungary in recent weeks, three hundred are now at the Fonyódligeti camp, where they will spend a week. Many of them have been in Hungary with their families for months, but there are also some who have come from Kiev and are travelling back.

He said that

they have given this week from the heart and that Ukrainian children would be welcome to stay here again next summer.

During the camp, children prayed with Greek Catholic pastor Damjan Gaborij and each camper received a storybook in Ukrainian.

The Elizabeth Foundation for Children in the Carpathian Basin said that the foundation had fully organized the camp for the children coming from Ukraine – as well as their free travel – and that the children had been registered for the camp by the ELTE Trefort Ágoston Gymnasium, and the Foundation of Helping Hands for Ukraine of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church in Hungary.

Miklós Soltész also told MTI that

the number of people arriving in Hungary from Ukraine has now exceeded 890,000.

Almost 730,000 of them have bought a solidarity ticket, which gives them free rail travel in Hungary.

The Hungarian government and six charitable organizations have provided some form of assistance to 420,000 people at border assistance points and in the BOK Sports Hall in Budapest.

Featured photo: MTI/Varga György

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