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Taliban Terrorists Captured at the Hungarian-Serbian border

Hungary Today 2023.01.09.
taliban terrorists

Serbian commandos captured Taliban terrorists near the Hungarian border at the end of December. The two men were wanted on suspicion of terrorism under an international arrest warrant.

Two Taliban terrorists on the international wanted list were arrested by Serbian commandos near the Hungarian border, public broadcaster M1 reported.

In a large-scale operation, more than 100 migrants claiming to be Syrian and Afghan were arrested, including two terrorists long wanted by French authorities. According to the police, 25 of the migrants were “interesting security-wise,” according to Reuters.

Mer Hamza had previously served as a general in the Afghan army, where he was dismissed for his extremist views. His partner is Abdul Bashir, nicknamed the Captain. According to French authorities, he is a sniper who has carried out serial killings of US and French soldiers.

The capture of the terrorists was not without danger, as they were armed with live automatic machine guns when they were tackled by the commandos.

According to the Serbian defense minister, they were trying to escape to the European Union through Hungary, where they could have organized terrorist groups, which is why they are considered particularly dangerous. The French authorities have already requested their extradition and they could soon be prosecuted on terrorism charges.

Meanwhile, migratory pressure continues at the Serbian border.

Large numbers of illegal immigrants are gathering, including an increasing number of people with combat experience.

György Bakondi, the prime minister’s chief advisor on homeland security, told the news program that illegal migration has become more dangerous and large-scale.

Border control not only has an important public security and sovereignty protection function, but also a very important national security function, to keep out those who try to cross the border illegally, either through terrorist acts or other acts or intentions that threaten national security,

he warned.

Last year, 270,000 migrants were detained at the Hungarian border; this is more than double the number in 2021. Traffickers are also becoming increasingly aggressive in their attempts to smuggle illegal migrants into Europe. Hungarian prisons are holding 2,500 human smugglers from 72 countries.

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Featured photo via Facebook/Serbia’s Ministry of Interior


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