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Waterscope Zrt., a Hungarian-owned company supporting sustainable water management was a guest on former President János Áder’s Kék Bolygó (Blue Planet) podcast, available on the most popular video-sharing portal.

János Áder said that Waterscope Zrt. was present at the first Planet Budapest Sustainability Expo in 2021, where companies offering eco-friendly solutions were invited. In response to a question from János Áder, CEO Csaba Ilcsik noted that their participation in the 2021 expo was successful and they will be present at the 2nd exhibition at the end of September this year.

Csaba Ilcsik told the program that his company is engaged in water monitoring, rediving water loss and energy consumption in the network.

The company’s patent is the “smart hydrant”, allowing them to collect data in places where others cannot because there is no electricity or power, such as underground.

This service is very rare.

Waterscope’s experts measure water pressure, water usage and water temperature during water monitoring, he added.

János Áder noted that there seems to be a lot of water on the planet, but only 2.5 percent of it is fresh water, and most of it is frozen or deep underground. Only 0.007 percent is easily accessible fresh water. The 20th century was the era of oil, the 21st century is that of water, the former Head of State stressed.

Csaba Ilcsik emphasized, that

Hungary uses around 550 million cubic meters of water a year, but 144 million of this is not even delivered to consumers because of water shortages.

He added that a lot of energy could be saved by reducing the loss of water in the network. Waterscope’s water network monitoring and metering activities are building on digitalization. In a municipality the size of Kecskemét (the eighth-largest city in the country in central Hungary), there are 60-70 measuring points that provide data on the water network every 2 minutes. These are processed by artificial intelligence. This is very important, for example, because of the energy demand of the water industry.

Wastewater treatment, for instance, consumes a month’s worth of electricity from one of the Paks (nuclear plant) units. However, there is also a significant energy demand for pumping drinking water from deep underground, getting it to the users and maintaining the necessary water pressure.

By collecting and analyzing data from the water network, the operation of the system can be optimized and water losses and energy consumption can be reduced,”

he highlighted.

The Blue Planet Climate Protection Foundation, of which the former Head of State is chairman of the board of trustees, is one of the largest owners of Waterscope. The company’s offer ranges from design to customized services. Waterscope provides services in 22 of Hungary’s 38 waterworks and is also expanding in several other countries, concluded Csaba Ilcsik.

The Blue Planet Foundation Supports Sustainability Startups
The Blue Planet Foundation Supports Sustainability Startups

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