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Speed Limit to be Increased on an Important Road to Lake Balaton

Hungary Today 2024.05.30.

The Ministry of Construction and Transport announced that the speed limit on Road 67 will be raised soon, reports Világgazdaság. The decision will be welcomed by many, as it will make it faster to get to Lake Balaton. It will be worthwhile to comply with the new rule, as the police will immediately install a VÉDA traffic enforcement system.

The ministry, headed by János Lázár, stressed that the maximum speed limit will be changed on the two-lane section of the Látrány (western Hungary) bypass,

from 90 to 110 kilometers per hour.

The speed limit on the more than 10-kilometer section of the road that opened as part of the extension of the Látrány bypass on Road 67, will be increased from May 30 (Thursday) and from May 31 (Friday) in bad weather conditions.

With the temporary speed limit on the rebuilt Látrány bypass section lifted, fast and safe traffic is now ensured between Kaposvár (southwestern Hungary) and the M7 motorway (Lake Balaton) on two lanes.

The last section of road 67 connecting Kaposvár to the M7 motorway. Photo via Facebook/Dömötör Csaba

The Látrány bypass was opened last November. Construction of the first major 33.2-kilometer section of the road began in 2017, and was completed by autumn 2019, by

  • Strabag Építő Kft.
  • Strabag AG
  • and Soltút Kft.

at a total cost of HUF 65 billion (EUR 167 million). The development also included the Kaposfüred (located on the north side of Kaposvár) and Látrány bypasses. The former, which is three kilometers long and cost HUF 8 billion (EUR 20.5 million) to complete, was opened to motorists in December 2022.

Once the final traffic permit has been granted, the signs warning of wildlife and the speed limit of 90 kilometers per hour will be removed from the two-lane section and replaced by speed limit signs of 110 kilometers per hour. However, before motorists get too confident,

it is worth pointing out that at the same time, the police will also be putting their traffic enforcement system, VÉDA, into operation and recording and storing road traffic offenses from the end of May.


In Hungary, a nationwide traffic enforcement system, called VÉDA, was implemented between 2012 and 2015 (first phase), aiming to increase road traffic safety. The VÉDA Intelligent Public Road Camera Network consists of mobile and fixed Complex Traffic Control Points that work accordingly to the European Union directive for the reduction of fatal traffic accidents. The EU set a goal to reduce, compared to 2010, road traffic fatalities by 50% by 2020, and nearing zero by 2050. Hungary’s traffic policies follow these goals as well. In an average month, the VÉDA system creates 22 million traffic event records.

Road 67 has become famous as a musical road, after the well-know Hungarian rock band Republic’s song “A 67-es út” (Road 67) was played in the outer lane of the section between Mernye and Mernyeszentmiklós (both near Kaposvár), for about 500 meters at a certain speed.

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Via Világgazdaság; Featured image via Facebook/Strabag Magyarország

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