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Lake Balaton Ecological Cultural Week with Extreme Gastronomic Specialties

Hungary Today 2023.08.11.
Shots made by water caltrops and other aquatic herbs

The Balatorium Ecological Cultural Week starts with a special gastronomic event on 19 August on Lake Balaton. Renowned local restaurateurs have joined the Veszprém-Balaton 2023 European Capital of Culture (VEB2023 ECOC) program and the PAD Foundation to prepare special food and drink tastings that illustrate the ecological challenges of the Balaton region and are delicious, reports Magyar Nemzet.

On 26 and 27 August, workshops, lectures, landscape walks and art activities will raise awareness of the fragile living systems of Lake Balaton on the open beach in Örvényes (northern shore of Lake Balaton).

The restaurants will offer Balaton-themed food and drinks that illustrate ecological processes and challenges, and will also feature ingredients that are unknown to many but are produced in the region.

Hence, you can taste water caltrop shots and boiled water caltrop desserts, seaweed and other aquatic herbs, muddy scones and biscuits, fishing bait snacks for humans, algae Balaton drink and coffee or ice cream. All the ingredients used will of course be properly prepared and processed for human consumption.

Some of the used ingredients. Photo via balatorium.hu

The dishes will be accompanied by a discussion, as in some of the restaurants the Balatorium project staff will draw attention to the problems of the lake and the importance of ecological balance while tasting. The food and drinks will focus on the microscopic algae of Lake Balaton, the nutrients that enter the lake during fishing, the aquatic plants that we ignore or even disturb when we go to the beach.

Just as they can play an important role in shaping the taste of a dish, these little-known organisms and processes play a key role in keeping the water clean and fish reproducing.

The Balatorium project team wants to use the menu, among other things, to highlight the need to protect the beauty of Lake Balaton and the natural system that sustains the vitality of the area. Through tasting, all those interested can discover a new side of Lake Balaton’s wildlife and perhaps take better care of it.

The Balatorium, jointly organzied by the VEB 2023 EKF and the PAD Foundation, is not only preparing a menu for this year’s last summer days at Lake Balaton.

On 26 and 27 August, the main program of the Ecological Cultural Week will offer a wide range of activities on the open-air beach in Örvényes.

The Balaton Limnological Research Institute and the Tihany Art Center of the Hungarian University of Fine Arts will also open their doors on 25 August. Also on 19 August, artists like Дeva, Jazzbois, Wave of Sound will play songs made from the sounds of Lake Balaton.

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Via Magyar Nemzet, Featured photo via Instagram/balatorium

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