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Lake Balaton Caterers Plan a Significant Price Increase for the Summer Season

Hungary Today 2024.04.15.

A price increase of at least 10 percent is expected in Balaton restaurants. In Gyenesdiás, a scoop of ice cream currently costs HUF 600 (EUR 1.52), but visitors and vacationers should also be prepared for a rise in prices nationwide. László Kovács, president of the Hungarian Hospitality Industry Association (Magyar Vendéglátók Ipartestülete, MVI), said that in most cases they try to raise prices without crossing the threshold of customers’ price sensitivity.

Customers can expect a price increase of almost 10 percent compared to last year’s record prices at Lake Balaton, writes Index. An employee of a Gyenesdiás (northern shore of Lake Balaton, near Keszthely) restaurant noted that they are trying to maintain current prices in the low season, while in the high season they expect to see a rise.

In Gyenesdiás, a scoop of ice cream currently costs HUF 600, HUF 50 (EUR 0.12) more than last year.

According to ice-cream master Renáta Somogyi, the reason for the price increase is that you also have to pay more for quality ingredients. She cited chocolate as an example, which has also become more expensive on the world market.

Photo via Facebook/Margaréta fagyizó

According to László Kovács, president of the Hungarian Hospitality Industry Association, a price increase of eight to ten percent is expected in restaurants. He added that some businesses have already raised their prices. According to Mr. Kovács,

there will also be price rises at the national level, but restaurateurs are trying to adjust this to demand without crossing the consumer price threshold, which would be unacceptable.

Photo via Facebook/Balaton Sound Official

The Hospitality Industry Association also expects a strong season. Despite price increases, they have still not reached the levels seen two years ago before the outbreak of the COVID pandemic.


The rise in prices has not only affected restaurants and catering establishments. Earlier, as Hungary Today reported, the spas and baths of Budapest also announced a rise in admission fees. From January 8, 2024, the prices of admission tickets to the Budapest Spas cPlc. spas increased by 5-13%, which is well below the average inflation rate of 17.6% in 2023. In addition, for beach tickets, a similar price change of typically 5-13% below inflation can be expected this year.

Of the capital’s spas, only Palatinus and Gellért Spa will not increase its prices. At the Palatinus, full-price admission will remain at HUF 3,200 on weekdays and HUF 3,500 (EUR 8-9) on weekends. At Széchenyi, one of the most popular historic baths, a locker ticket will cost HUF 10,500, and HUF 12,000 on Fridays and weekends (EUR 27.5-31.5). For the Rudas Spa, tickets will cost HUF 9,300 on weekdays and the weekend price of HUF 12,000 will remain unchanged (EUR 24-31.5). The price for the Turkish bath will be HUF 6,400 (EUR 17) on weekdays instead of the previous HUF 5,900 (EUR 15). In addition, the full price for the pools will be HUF 4,800 on weekdays and HUF 5,200 on weekends (EUR 12-13) at Lukács Thermal Baths.

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