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As the Beach Season Kicks Off, Admission Fees Become More Expensive

Hungary Today 2024.04.02.

Easter brought summer weather, but the increasingly pronounced climate change does not yet mean an early opening of the beach season, although Palatinus Strand Baths will open its renovated pool and the tents will be removed from the outdoor pools of some other baths, Világgazdaság reports. The price of tickets are also known to rise by 5-13%.

Meteorologists forecasted temperatures of 20-24 degrees Celsius for the long Easter weekend, so in addition to the pools that still operate in winter, the Margaréta pool, renewed last year, opened at Palatinus, and the tents were removed from the swimming pool at the Paskál Thermal Baths.

It is expected that the outdoor pool of the Gellért Bath and the Palatinus Strand Baths will be ready for use around the end of April,

and from the end of May until mid-June – depending on the weather – other beach pools and beaches will also open.

It is common knowledge that the beach season starts on May 1, as has been the custom for decades, but experience shows that bathers wait for the real heatwave to arrive before going outdoors, which nowadays means temperatures above 30 degrees Celsius, and that 24-25 degrees Celsius are no longer enough to keep the beaches and baths open.

The start of the beach season does not depend on the calendar, but rather on the weather and the number of visitors expected. It is also important that revenue not only covers, but rather exceeds the costs of continued operation, also due to increased energy costs.

Photo via Facebook/Paskál Gyógy- és Strandfürdő – Hivatalos oldal

Last summer was a rather hectic one, with cool weather in May and then a rainy June, which did not help the beach industry.

The real heatwave in 2023, lasted until mid-July. After that, there were several heatwave days until the end of August, and even at the start of the school year. Of course this all had an impact on the number of visitors.

On the peak day of last year’s season, more than 7,000 bathers bought tickets for Palatinus, according to Budapest Spas cPlc. For years, the company’s spas have been opening their pools and beaches on a scheduled basis, depending on the weather – roughly from the end of April to mid-June. This practice will be followed this year too.

In the meantime, beach preparation work is ongoing, including

  • renovation and cleaning of the pools
  • maintenance of the play areas and slides
  • the landscaping and beautification of the gardens.

From January 8, 2024, the prices of admission tickets to the Budapest Spas cPlc. spas increased by 5-13%, which is well below the average inflation rate of 17.6% in 2023 according to the Central Statistical Office (KSH).

For beach tickets, a similar price change of typically 5-13% below inflation can be expected this year.


As Hungary Today previously reported, of the Budapest spas, only Palatinus and Gellért Spa will not increase its prices. At the Palatinus, full-price admission will remain at HUF 3,200 on weekdays and HUF 3,500 (EUR 8-9) on weekends. At Széchenyi, one of the most popular historic baths, a locker ticket will cost HUF 10,500, and HUF 12,000 on Friday and weekends (EUR 27.5-31.5). For Rudas Spa, tickets will cost HUF 9,300 on weekdays and the weekend price of HUF 12,000 will remain unchanged (EUR 24-31.5). The price for the Turkish bath will be HUF 6,400 (EUR 17) on weekdays instead of the previous HUF 5,900 (EUR 15). In addition, the full price for the pools will be HUF 4,800 on weekdays and HUF 5,200 on weekends (EUR 12-13) at Lukács Thermal Baths.

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Via Világgazdaság; Featured image via Facebook/Zsóry Gyógy És Strandfürdő

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