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International Migration Research Network to Be Established in Budapest

Hungary Today 2023.11.10.

A declaration on the creation of an international migration research network involving five research institutes from three continents was signed in Budapest on Thursday, reports Magyar Nemzet.

The founding document of the International Network for Immigration Research (INIR) was signed by Viktor Marsai, Director of the Migration Research Institute, Mark Krikorian, Director (Center for Immigration Studies), Eric Ruark, Research Director (NumbersUSA), Yonatan Jakubowicz, Founder (Israel Immigration Policy Center) and Nicolas Monti, Co-Founder (Observatoire de l’immigration et de la démographie).

As Viktor Marsai noted, the aim of the cooperation is to pool the knowledge and expertise of the different institutes in a common network, which will lead to joint conferences and publications in the future.

The signing of the document was held at Mathias Corvinus Collegium in Budapest in the framework of a panel discussion. Photo: Hungary Today

The director stressed that the institution wants to

counterbalance the purely humanitarian approach to migration that has dominated public opinion in recent decades.

Their purpose is to include other aspects, such as security and the economic and cultural impact on host societies, in the discourse on migration. “It is through these that the complex phenomenon of migration is understood,” he underlined. Marsai said that it is also important

to raise the issue of state sovereignty in relation to migration, thus states can decide who they want to admit and who they do not.

Photo: Hungary Today

The director recalled that the signing of the declaration was initiated by the French Observatoire de l’immigration et de la démographie and was taken up by the Migration Research Institute.


Migration and its impacts is a recurring theme that is examined from many angles. One of this is the recently published national security report. As it was recently reported by Hungary Today, the national security report on the relationship between migration and terrorism has been declassified. The document shows that violence in the border region is on the rise. It also points out, among other things, that terrorist networks could take control of the routes of illegal migration, thus increasing the risk of further escalation. The document says that the protection of Hungary and Europe against illegal migration is provided by legislation, the personnel on duty at the southern border, and the security barrier. Recent trends and information from law enforcement and national security agencies show that all these three security elements are under increasing pressure. On the legal aspect, the EU migration pact poses a risk.

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Via Magyar Nemzet, Featured image via Hungary Today

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