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National Security Report on the Links between Migration and Terrorism Declassified

MTI-Hungary Today 2023.11.03.
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The national security report on the relationship between migration and terrorism has been declassified. The document, published on the parliament’s website, shows that violence in the border region is on the rise. It also points out, among other things, that terrorist networks could take control of the routes of illegal migration, thus increasing the risk of further escalation.

The report was declassified on the initiative of Fidesz parliamentary group leader and member of the national security committee, Máté Kocsis. The politician justified the decision by saying that the public also needs to be aware of the problems linked to migration and terrorism.

The document says that the protection of Hungary and Europe against illegal migration is provided by legislation, the personnel on duty at the southern border, and the security barrier. Recent trends and information from law enforcement and national security agencies show that all these three security elements are under increasing pressure. On the legal aspect, the EU migration pact poses a risk.

The increase in the number of those turned back at the borders reflects the growing migratory pressure. They pointed out that in terms of internal security, the growing threat of terrorism, as a consequence of the conflict between Israel and Hamas, poses an increased risk in parallel to the increased migratory pressure. The report warns that

routes of illegal migration, including the Western Balkans through Hungary, could be used by terrorist networks.

The report also reveals that there is increasing competition and willingness to use violence among trafficking gangs in Serbia with a background in Afghanistan. The Taliban intelligence service has taken direct control of the activities of Afghan-origin human trafficking groups operating in the territory of Vojvodina (Serbia).

Approximately 1,000-1,200 illegal border crossings are detected on the Serbian-Hungarian border every night. In August, 293 illegal crossers were detected at one point of the border crossing in one hour. According to the National Police Headquarters, the number of illegal migrants apprehended and escorted back broke a record in week 40 with 5,606.

The report assesses that the smuggling business is characterized by a steadily expanding market and structural improvements.

Some of the profits can be used to finance terrorism, and the channels for the supply of equipment and weapons can also be used to facilitate terrorist activities.

Vulnerabilities in frequently changing international and state migration policies are readily identified and exploited by criminal organizations. Hungary’s transit status has not changed, because the country does not have a large, culturally and linguistically identical, distinct diaspora of migrants. In the short term, the country is not threatened by the emergence of closed social groups, but in the longer term, the saturation of destination countries could have an impact on peripheral countries, which could fundamentally change the public security situation in the country, according to the report.

The document points out that violence is increasing in the border areas, which is testing the personnel on duty. Using armed forces to respond to these challenges would also likely lead to an increase in violence by organized crime. The pace of migratory movements is currently in the “end-of-season surge,” with an increasing number of people trying to reach their destination before winter sets in, and the authorities in the Balkan transit states keen to keep as few migrants as possible in their territories.

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