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Fidesz MP Budai Denies Roma Celeb Győzike Has Joined Fidesz Despite Photo

Hungary Today 2022.03.30.

Fidesz’s Gyula Budai denies that Roma Reality Show Star Győzike has joined ruling Fidesz party, despite the celeb announcing that he had done so. Photos that Győzike has shared suggest otherwise. In addition, the Fidesz lawmaker finds nothing wrong with the fact that he had dealt with party matters in the Finance Ministry’s headquarters.

On Tuesday, Győzike published several photos depicting him and Budai in the Foreign Ministry signing a document. “As of today, it is official!”, he commented.

“First of all, Győző Gáspár did not join Fidesz,” Budai told Spirit FM later on, additionally revealing that he has known Győzike and his family for a long time and that they have been on good terms. According to him, the Roma television personality has not yet joined the ruling party, as there are three endorsements needed to be able to become a Fidesz party member and “Győző Gáspár is not a member of Fidesz currently.”

His membership is in progress, as the enlarged version of one of the photos posted by Győzike seems to confirm, as it is clearly visible that the two are filling out a party membership form. The photos prove that Budai himself recommended Győzike for Fidesz, liberal site 444.hu points out.

In another controversy, Budai was dealing with Fidesz party matters in a governmental entity, namely in the Foreign Ministry’s building, which once again raised criticism against the lawmaker for failing to separate party matters of the government.

In response to a question, Budai, who is also a Ministerial Commissioner within the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, said “I work there and I receive a lot of guests there. Some people take photos and post them, some people don’t. I do not think there is anything wrong with that.

Győző Gáspár, known as Győzike, is a Roma television personality who was the main character of the reality comedy show, the Győzike Show, and formerly the frontman of the Roma pop band, Romantic.

Recently, Győzike popped up at Fidesz-ally NGO CÖF’s Peace March, marching in the first row with outspoken and controversial Fidesz publicists and other public personalities. Not long after, he announced that he is a Fidesz supporter.

featured image: Győzike and Budai in the Foreign Ministry; via Facebook

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