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Roma Reality Show Star Győzike Joins Fidesz Party

Hungary Today 2022.03.30.

Győző Gáspár, who became known in Hungary mainly for his reality show depicting everyday life, as well as his family problems and conflicts through the glasses of the gypsy society on commercial broadcaster RTL Klub, announced on his Facebook page that he is joining the ruling Fidesz party.

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Győző Gáspár, known as Győzike, is a Roma television personality, who was the main character of the reality comedy show, the Győzike Show, and formerly the frontman of the Roma pop band Romantic.

The musician wrote in his post after joining the ruling party:

As of today, it is official! Many thanks to Fidesz MP Dr. Gyula Budai.”

Győző Gáspár has already supported Fidesz as a sympathizer. Most recently, he walked in the front row of the Peace March on March 15, alongside pro-Fidesz journalists András Bencsik and Zsolt Bayer.

The showman was accused of tax evasion several times and later claimed that he had paid his tax debts. In this way, he was able to avoid a prison sentence.

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Featured image via Győző Gáspár’s Facebook page

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