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Renovated Wing of Esterházy Castle Inaugurated

MTI-Hungary Today 2021.07.19.

The western wing of the imposing Esterházy Castle in Fertőd, in western Hungary, renovated from somewhat less than 2 billion forints (EUR 5.7m), was inaugurated on Sunday.

The wing accommodates the Esterházy gallery, the Esterházy porcelain cabinet and Modulated Time, a joint exhibition of sculptor Boldi and painter Mozes Incze.

The ceremony was attended by President János Áder, First Lady Anita Herczegh, Justice Minister Judit Varga, Prince Anton Esterházy and his wife, Svetlana Esterházy.

Addressing the event, Attila Barcza (Fidesz), MP of Sopron and its region, noted that Miklos Esterhazy, “the Magnificent”, had a lion’s share in the birth of what has been called the “Hungarian Versailles” in the 18th century.

Esterházy Palace in Tata Awaits Visitors in its Former Glory
Esterházy Palace in Tata Awaits Visitors in its Former Glory

The previous owners of the palace, the Esterházy family, were a prominent Hungarian noble family who became perhaps the most significant landowners of the Habsburg-ruled Kingdom of Hungary in the 17th century.Continue reading

The Hungarian government decided to renovate the castle in 2013 so that Hungary’s largest and most splendid Baroque building should regain its one-time grandeur and become not only a symbolic, but a bustling site of Hungarian culture.

Featured photo by István Filep/MTI