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Dinosaur-Dressed Man Insulted at Pro-govt ’Peace March,’ Police Open Investigation

Hungary Today 2022.03.17.

An activist of the satirical Hungarian Two-Tailed Dog Party (MKKP) went to the recent pro-government rally ’Peace March’ in Budapest in a dinosaur costume. The MKKP posted on its Instagram page the story of the man, who says he was confronted by some of the participants of the rally.

According to the young man, at one point the crowd started pushing and shoving him out of the march.

The police then led him out of the crowd, “probably saving his life, but certainly saving the costume”.

This was followed by an identification check, where he was told that under the law on assembly, he cannot participate in the march with his face covered. However, his face was not covered, as the huge dinosaur dress had a “window” on it, so his face was completely visible, but the police officers did not change their stance.

Pro-Fidesz "Peace March" Protests against War and in Support of PM Orbán

It is estimated that hundreds of thousands of people attended the event.Continue reading

The party’s activist finally summarized the events, claiming that he was stabbed with scissors and punched in the jaw twice, his costume was trampled, he was pushed, and he faced a background check, but he was also given a Hungarian flag and a Fidesz board sign.

In a later statement, the police said that they had stopped the young man on Árpád Fejedelem street, who at the time did not mention that he had been assaulted or stabbed. In response to questions from the police officers, he said that he did not wish to press charges against the participants who had forced him out of the rally.

However, based on press reports published the following day, the Budapest Police Headquarters has opened an ex officio investigation regarding the incident. The man in the dinosaur costume has already been heard as a witness, in the wake of the insult he suffered at the Peace March.

Featured photo via Instagram/MKKP

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