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CPAC – Péter Szijjártó: “This means nothing less than the end of national interests”

MTI-Hungary Today 2023.05.06.

The Government is ready to fight against progressive foreign policy, which aims to destroy sovereign, national foreign policy and to remove the requirement of unanimity from EU foreign policy decision-making, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade Péter Szijjártó said at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in Budapest on Friday.

In his speech on the closing day of the event, organized by the Center for Fundamental Rights, the Minister stressed that the first structure of progressive foreign policy pressure has been created, as nine EU member states have formed a group with the declared aim of removing unanimity from European foreign policy decision-making. “This means nothing less than the end of national interests,” he said.

This progressive foreign policy battle was launched by none other than Germany. It is German foreign policy that has completely lost its stability, that has become – with all due respect to my colleague – unpredictable, confused and opaque,”

he said.

He recalled that Berlin had said after the start of the war in Ukraine that it would not send weapons, but was now actively involved in the delivery of state-of-the-art heavy weaponry. “What did they say? You cannot impose sanctions on energy resources, neither on natural gas nor on oil. In contrast, the European Union has now self-destructively plunged Europe into an energy crisis by imposing sanctions on both oil and gas supplies,” he said.
“And what did they say about nuclear energy? That there can certainly be no such sanctions, and now they themselves are putting pressure on the European Commission to initiate sanctions against Hungary’s nuclear industry,” he added.
He underlined that “no one should expect that we will submit to this unpredictable, progressive, German-led foreign policy”.
Szijjártó said that Hungarian foreign policy would remain Hungarian foreign policy, decisions would continue to be taken in Budapest, and would continue to serve only national interests.
“We are ready to fight against progressive foreign policy. We overcame the pressure of the international liberal mainstream when it came to dealing with the economic crisis. We also overcame the pressure of the international progressive liberal mainstream when it came to keeping migrants out. We defeated them when lives had to be saved, and we are standing up to the war propaganda,” he said. “And we will win this fight, this battle,” he stressed.
He went on to say that Brussels was destroying the European economy with its response to the war, with the adoption of ten packages of sanctions that were bad for companies on the continent, while in the United States measures had been taken that favored local firms.

We normal people have a way of thinking that if we fail ten times because of an action, we are unlikely to do the same thing eleven times. But Brussels does not think like normal people,”

he stressed.
“They think that if they have done something wrong ten times, they will do it again eleven times, just in case it is even worse. And that is what is happening now, they are negotiating the eleventh package of sanctions,” he said.
The minister said that Hungary, as a small country, had emerged stronger from all the crises of the past period, which was only possible because the government had never taken into account the dictates of the international liberal mainstream, had insisted on its sovereignty and had given a Hungarian response to every difficulty, based on national interests.

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