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Hungarian Researchers at University of Pécs Eliminate Infectivity of Covid

Tamás Vaski 2021.12.07.

Researchers at the University of Pécs have succeeded in eliminating the infectivity of the Wuhan and delta coronavirus variants while maintaining the integrity of their viral proteins. The achievement, announced by the university on Monday, opens up new opportunities for researching and defeating the virus.

Researchers from the National Laboratory of Virology and RoLink Biotechnology Kft., working at the UV chamber they developed at the János Szentágothai Research Institute, successfully determined the UV-C dosage necessary to eliminate the infectivity of the coronavirus without damaging its proteins.

A Breakthrough in Covid Research at the University of Pécs

The university writes that thanks to the achievement, countless methods of analysis have become available in researching the virus.

The results may give an excellent foundation for clinical diagnostics and vaccine efficacy trials connected to the illness.”

The announcement also notes that the institute’s research was made possible by the 130 million forints (EUR 355 thousand) of funding from the National Research, Development, and Innovation Office.

Hungarian Nasal Spray Against Corona in Animal-testing Phase
Hungarian Nasal Spray Against Corona in Animal-testing Phase

Ferenc Jakab, virologist at the University of Pécs, announced at a conference of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences that the spray developed from egg whites can bind the virus locally in the nose so that it cannot connect with the mucosa.Continue reading

Further developments in the project could lead to optimal treatments for severely infected individuals through the analysis of blood plasma from those who have recovered from the virus. The researchers are also working towards a system that can directly track the effectiveness of vaccines.

Featured photo illustration by Szilárd Koszticsák/MTI