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Call for Applications to the Lynx Armored Vehicle Battalion

MTI-Hungary Today 2023.08.29.

The Hungarian Defense Forces is inviting young people to apply for the Lynx type armored combat vehicle battalion with a higher salary and a simplified entry procedure, the Ministry of Defense announced.

Minister of Defense Kristóf Szalay-Bobrovniczky had previously said that the renewed Hungarian Defense Forces needed to recruit the right personnel to go along with the latest high-tech equipment that had just been put into service.

They added that the Hungarian Defense Forces are looking for young people who

want to try a truly meaningful and important profession, a profession that is physically and mentally demanding: the military profession.”

The Hungarian Defense Forces’ Kinizsi Pál 30th Armored Infantry Brigade’s Lynx armored combat vehicle-equipped rifle battalion is looking for drivers and turret gunners for Lynx combat vehicles, as well as rifle soldiers transported in these vehicles.

Photo via honvedelem.hu/Kertész László

The statement quoted Colonel Zsolt Molnár, commander of the infantry brigade, as saying on Kossuth Radio’s program on Monday that this opportunity is for everyone who is dedicated to serving their country and wants to work with a new, modern military technology. The Colonel also added that preparations for the new equipment will begin in mid-September.

The ministry also noted that the starting salary for soldiers entering the army will be 737,000 forints (EUR 1,923) gross per month, which could be up to 600,000 forints (EUR 1,565.5) net for those under the age of 25. The salary increase will affect the entire battalion.

The Ministry of Defense said in a statement that the program is open for applications at iranyasereg.hu.

Those who have been accepted must appear at the Kinizsi brigade in Hódmezővásárhely (southern Hungary) on September 11, where they can sign a three-year contract after a medical examination and training will start almost immediately.

The Ministry of Defense recalled that 218 Lynx combat vehicles will be in the armed forces by 2029, of which the first 46 will be built at Rheinmetall’s German plant and the remaining 172 will be produced at the Hungarian plant.


As part of the defense and military development program, a combat vehicle production plant, test track, and experimental hall were inaugurated in Zalaegerszeg (western Hungary) in August. This means that in a unique way in Central Europe, production, research, and development will be carried out in one place.  An average of 45-50 combat vehicles per year are expected to be produced at the Zalaegerszeg plant to meet domestic demand. The plant is expected to produce for export as well.

Recently, the Hungarian Defense Forces also announced that they welcome applications for voluntary military service, mainly aimed toward young people who have either failed to enter higher education or are forced to postpone their studies. The trainings will give them extra credit for university admission. As with the recruitment for the Lynx armored vehicles, some of the entry procedures for the volunteers are simplified as well. Those interested can apply until the end of August.

Serious Market Interest for Hungarian-built Lynx Armored Vehicles
Serious Market Interest for Hungarian-built Lynx Armored Vehicles

Rheinmetall's plant in western Hungary was recently inaugurated, where the production of Lynx armored vehicles will take place. Continue reading

Via MTI, Featured image via honvedelem.hu/Kertész László

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