Will Connie Mack’s Tweets Come Back to Haunt Him? Another Look at Prime Minister Viktor Orbán’s ‘Man in D.C.’

Since 2014, Former US Representative Connie Mack IV has been on the payroll of the Hungarian government, lobbying in Washington D.C. in order to improve Hungary’s (and Prime Minister Viktor Orbán’s) image among U.S. political leaders.

Like many politicians, Mr. Mack became a lobbyist after a failed run for Senate in 2012; since becoming Mr. Orbán’s official D.C. cheerleader, Mr.Mack has received over one million dollars from the Prime Minister’s Office to advocate on behalf of Hungary. (Read our other articles about Mr. Mack here and here).

Connie Mack with Congressman Dennis Ross at last month's 1956 memorial gala in Washington D.C.
Connie Mack with Congressman Dennis Ross at last month’s 1956 memorial gala, hosted by the Hungarian Ambassador to to the United States, in Washington D.C.

According to Politico, Mr. Mack himself was not a very high-profile or influential Republican while in office, and is perhaps better known for his famous relatives (his father was a US Senator, his great-grandfather was a “legendary” baseball manager, his ex-wife was a US Representative and married to Sonny Bono, of Sonny and Cher fame) than for his political acumen. Nevertheless, since being hired by Mr. Orbán, the former Florida Representative has advocated on behalf of Hungary to his former colleagues on the House Foreign Affairs Europe Subcommittee and defended the Hungarian government’s handling of the European refugee crisis in the American press. In addition, according to Politico, Mr. Mack talked with members of the House Foreign Affairs Committee before a Foreign Affairs Committee hearing on Hungarian-American relations. The topic of his discussions: “Strengthening US/Gov. of Hungary Relations.”

The outcome of Tuesday’s presidential election places Mr. Mack’s job security in question, however, as the politician-turned-lobbyist has been sharply critical of Donald Trump on Twitter over the past year. During the primary season, he referred to the current President-Elect as “a coward” and as a “disgrace” who “hates women” and who has “something seriously wrong” with him. He also referred to Mr. Trump as “a disingenuous fool” and “a bully.”

Whether these statements will have any impact on Mr. Mack’s position as Hungary’s D.C. advocate remains to be seen; while his tweets attacking Mr. Trump were written months ago, during the middle of a hotly contested Republican primary, ‘the Donald’ has shown himself over the course of the presidential election to be someone who is unwilling to let attacks or insults go unanswered.

Via 444.hu and Politico

Images via the Associated Press and Tony Powell