Hungary On Instagram – Photos Of The Week

Did you know people share millions of photos with #Hungary and #Hungarian hashtags on Instagram? We bring you the best 15 pictures every Friday as our weekly selection of the Hungarian-themed Instagram photos continues in the autumn too. Use #hungarytoday hashtag on Instagram to boost your chances of making next week’s selection! This week we extended our search with #revolution1956 to commemorate to the revolution of 1956. Never […]


Electrolux Ideas Lab: Vote For Two Hungarians’ Ingenious Kitchen Concepts – Video!

Projects submitted by Hungarians Anna Buzogány and Máté Tóth have both made it into the top 50 ideas at the Electrolux Ideas Lab competition. welcomes “revolutionary ideas that inspire people around the world to enjoy tastier, healthier, and more sustainable home cooking in the future”. The Swedish-based multinational home appliance manufacturer’s competition is looking for ideas such as smartphone apps, […]


Tokaj’s Patricius Winery Named Hungary’s “Cellar of The Year” In 2016

Patricius Winery, one of the most recognized wine makers in Hungary’s legendary Tokaj wine region, was named the 2016 “Cellar of the Year” at a ceremony held in Bodrogkisfalud, in north-east Hungary. The title acknowledges the work of vintners who raise the profile of Hungarian wine on domestic and foreign markets. Patricius Winery grows grapes in seven vineyards with a combined […]

Viktor Orban

Some See Only The “Socioromantic” Side Of Immigration, PM Orbán Tells German Newspaper

“We cannot allow room for anarchy”, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán said in an interview published in Germany’s Passauer Neue Presse, commenting on migration into Europe. Orbán insisted that if Greece had protected its borders Europe would have not faced a migrant crisis. He added that Hungary observes international and European laws by protecting the Schengen borders, and called criticism […]


Hungary To Commemorate 60th Anniversary Of 1956 Revolution This Weekend – Official Programme!

Twenty-five years ago after the fall of Communism in Hungary the first democratically elected National Assembly declared 23 October an official national holiday, which was later was confirmed by the Fundamental Law of Hungary in 2012. According to the tradition, after raising the national flag of Hungary on the Memorial Day, the heroes and victims of 1956 are commemorated at designated sites of the […]