4th Turul Expo Exhibition Opened In Transcarpathia in Péterfalva (Piterfolvo)

The Hungarian government has always given special consideration to ethnic Hungarians in Transcarpathia and the government bears their interests in mind, Economy Minister Mihály Varga said at the opening of the fourth Turul Expo exhibition in Péterfalva (Piterfolvo), in western Ukraine.

The minister gave special thanks to the organiser of the exhibition, the Association of Hungarian Entrepreneurs in Transcarpathia (KMVSZ), noting the outstanding role it plays in organising the economic activities of ethnic Hungarians there. He praised the organisation’s efforts to help ethnic Hungarians stay in their homeland by strengthening their economic foundations, adding that the Hungarian government is providing all the assistance it can to support this goal.

Last year, the Hungarian government provided non-reimbursable funding of 2 billion forints (EUR 6.54m) to Hungarian businesses and entrepreneurs in Transcarpathia through the Egán Ede Transcarpathian Business Development Programme. Considering the success of the programme, this year the government has allocated funding of 7.2 billion forints and a 20 billion forint preferential credit line for Transcarpathian business development tenders, Varga said.

Around 100 businesses and entrepreneurs from Transcarpathia, Hungary, as well as other regions of the Carpathian Basin with ethnic Hungarian communities are showing their products at the Expo.