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Yet Another Conservative News Portal Silenced by Social Media Giant

Hungary Today 2023.06.29.

Dear Readers, Followers,
Over the past weeks, we have been working hard to get Facebook to lift the unjustified restrictions on our page, which has been built up over 13 years and has 56,000 followers. So far, to no avail.
But we will not give up!
It is not just our freedom of speech and opinion that the tech giant is restricting, but also yours who want to read the online magazine’s content. So we have decided to launch a new site with more colorful and exciting content than ever before.
Follow Hetek.hu, share our content and recommend it to your friends! We will not be silenced!

“The writing will remain.” The social media site relaunched with this cover photo; Facebook/Hetek.hu

These were the introductory words of the canceled digital magazine, Hetek (Weeks), recently relaunched on Facebook. Published by Hit Gyülekezete (a Christian community in Hungary started in 1979) in printed format since 1997, and in digital form on Facebook since the beginnings of social media, the public life portal also has an impressive YouTube follower count, though not as high as the number they claim to have had on the social media giant’s site.

Rita Fekete from Hit Radio (the radio channel of the same religious group), wrote the following on her Facebook account:

HETEK! has launched a new site – it is a decades-old weekly that is a valuable addition to the Hungarian press – Facebook does not see it that way! They want to decide what Hungarian readers do and do not want, so they simply “take down” pages.”

She went on to say that the editors at Hit Radio and also at Fekete Rita Channel have had the similar experience of social media platforms arbitrarily judging content. She claimed that there is supported, tolerated, and banned content on these portals, and that their channels are not exempted targets from these practices either.

Hungary Today has dealt with this issue earlier in an April article, although such stories of banned content and canceled profiles emerge almost weekly from all over the world.

Another Hungarian News Site Canceled by U.S. Social Media Giant
Another Hungarian News Site Canceled by U.S. Social Media Giant

The Hungarian language Slovakian news portal, Ma7's Facebook page was closed by censors without any plausible explanation.Continue reading

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