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“It is a strange feeling to come to Brussels from Hungary, because our country looks like a quite normal country – it is calm, serene, and rational,” Viktor Orbán said on Radio Kossuth’s program “Good Morning, Hungary.” The Prime Minister was speaking from Brussels, where he is attending the EU summit, reported Magyar Nemzet.

Speaking about the summit, the Prime Minister said that the leaders in Brussels were talking as if they were fighting their own war with the Russians.

I feel as if I have arrived in another galaxy,” the Prime Minister said of the warlike atmosphere in Brussels. They are in a spiral of war, which is getting worse, and there is now talk of stationing troops in Ukraine. This is shocking to the Hungarian ear,”

he added.

What is most alarming, the Prime Minister said, is that what would have been unthinkable two or three months ago is now becoming commonplace. Before, the Germans did not want to send weapons, they sent helmets. Today, Germany would give Ukraine missile systems that could reach deep into Russian territory.

This is not a video game. This is reality. The consequence of one decision is that the next day someone dies. Hundreds of thousands of people have already died. The consequences of the decisions here are creating widows, orphans, ruined lives, cities,”

the Prime Minister stressed. As he said, he is happy to talk to anyone, he is a proponent of reasoned discourse, but we have to “dig our heels in somewhere.”

There is also an organized political force in Hungary that would drag us into the conflict, he said, alluding to the Hungarian opposition parties. Fortunately, the majority of Hungarians are against this, the Prime Minister said. In the West, too, people are more supportive of anti-war political forces, but this is not leading to a pro-peace turnaround in Europe, because Brussels is in fact a network for George Soros, Orbán claimed.

The Soros network is embedded in European institutions. The EU gives them money to operate, he said, adding that this also makes it difficult for the voices of the European people to be heard.

European Agriculture on the Brink

The Prime Minister also said that Hungary opposes the import of Ukrainian grain into the EU. The EU is imposing very strict rules on farmers, which are reducing their productivity. But in Ukraine there are no such rules, hence they can sell their products more cheaply.

We are making huge efforts to ensure that our farmers do not go bankrupt. But Brussels is deaf to this because it is in a war fever,”

he added. The Prime Minister stressed that there was a good reason why farmers were angry. If farmers mobilize, this usually points to a big problem. But Brussels cares more about Ukraine than about farmers, Orbán noted, saying that war and a bad economy are replacing peace and prosperity. The problem is with Brussels bureaucrats, the Prime Minister underlined.

The Ukraine conflict must not escalate into WWIII

“I think a lot about whether we are approaching European politics in the right way. We think in traditional categories. Right-left, sovereigntist-globalist. I see the decisive question today as being who is pro-peace and who is pro-war.” He added that the most important thing is to stop this psychosis of war, because we are marching closer to war.

Orbán said that the First World War also started as a local conflict. Step by step, it developed, and it turned out that the conflict that was thought to be the Balkan war was the first act of the world war. He said that the most important thing in domestic politics is who is pro-war. The pro-war stance of the European left is also reflected in Hungarian politics. The dissenting policies of the Hungarian government can only be in the interests of the Hungarian people.

War Hawks in Brussels Creating Spiral of Escalation, Says PM's Political Director
War Hawks in Brussels Creating Spiral of Escalation, Says PM's Political Director

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Via Magyar Nemzet; Featured Image: Facebook Viktor Orbán

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