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Wreckage of World War II Fighter Plane Recovered from Lake Balaton

Hungary Today 2023.10.27.

One of the last Hungarian-built aircraft, a Messerschmitt Me-109 fighter plane was recovered from Lake Balaton, writes Magyar Nemzet. The operation was carried out yesterday at the Hungarian Defense Forces’ Recreation, Training, and Conference Center in Balatonakarattya.

As Hungary Today reported earlier, this month, experts began the recovery of the Hungarian Messerschmitt fighter plane that crashed into Lake Balaton. Government spokesperson Alexandra Szentkirályi said after the wreckage was recovered in Balatonakarattya (eastern shore of the lake) that the pilot of the Messerschmitt Me 109 fighter aircraft was Sándor Beregszászi, a platoon leader. The pilot died in defense of the homeland, an act worthy of remembrance at all times.

The significance of the aircraft in military history lies in the fact that, to the best of our knowledge, it is the only Hungarian-built Messerschmitt fighter aircraft with a Hungarian engine in the world,”

she stressed, referring to the fact that this plane was manufactured under license at ‘Magyar Wagon and Gépgyár’ in Győr (northwestern Hungary).

Photo via MTI/Koszticsák Szilárd

Ensign Károly Magó, a researcher and military historian, noted that in June 1941, Hungary was granted the right to produce the most modern military technology, making it possible to build the plane recovered from Lake Balaton. He added that

Sándor Beregszászi, the pilot of the plane, died a heroic death on July 2 1944, in a battle with the American Air Force.

The first dives to the wreck were in 2020, and the first recovered elements were presented in 2021. The excavation continued this year. The wreck was about five meters deep, several elements were corroded, with the mud-covered elements remaining in better condition, he said.

On Thursday, a piece of the engine body attached to the wing was lifted out. Experts are continuing to search the area in the hope of finding more elements.

Lieutenant General Ferenc Kajári highlighted that the Hungarian Air Force defended the country against a huge overwhelming force against the U.S. A significant source of strength for Hungarian soldiers was that they were motivated by patriotism. Every Hungarian soldier can take an example from the courage of platoon leader Sándor Beregszászi, who gave his life for his country at the very young age of 21, he emphasized.

Photo via Facebook/Szentkirályi Alexandra


The aircraft’s designer, Wilhelm Emil “Willy” Messerschmitt, was still employed by Bayerische Flugzeugwerke AG (BF) when development began, and the company changed its name to Messerschmitt AG (Me) in 1938. Therefore, all developments that started before that date continued to use the BF designation, while developments started after that date used the Me designation. The BF 109 was the most widely produced fighter aircraft in the German air force during World War II. Pilots flying the BF 109 achieved more aerial victories during the Second World War than pilots of any other aircraft in the history of aviation. It was the first truly modern fighter aircraft of the era.

Police Helicopter Crashes into Lake Balaton
Police Helicopter Crashes into Lake Balaton

The aircraft was carrying out a training exercise.Continue reading

Via Magyar Nemzet, Featured image via Facebook/Szentkirályi Alexandra

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