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Hungarian Confectioner Wins World’s Best Ice Cream Competition

Hungary Today 2021.12.06.

Ádám Fazekas, a confectioner from Budapest, has won the Gelato Festival World Masters competition. The ice cream maker won the prize with his ice cream, Frutta di Pistacchio (Pistachio Fruit). He invested three years of work towards this victory.

This article was originally published on our sister-site, Ungarn Heute. 

The final, in which 32 gelato-makers from 18 countries around the world took part, lasted twelve hours. The winning ice cream, made by Budapest confectioner, Ádám Fazekas, consists of pistachio cream with raspberry and some tonka bean. In addition to the technical knowledge, the special ingredients and the excellent taste were also evaluated by the jury.

Fazekas first caused a big stir in 2018 when he won the competition of Hungary’s gelato makers. A year later, he came in first in the Gelato Festival Next Generation competition, where he challenged the 16 best masters under 30. Most recently, he has won at the Super Final, where he took the prize ahead of other outstanding gelato makers in the world.

Second place went to the Spaniard, Carlo Guerriero, from the ice cream parlor La Cremeria Gelato Italiano (Cádiz) with his ice cream “Cremoso al Vino Oloroso,” and third place went to the Italian Marco Venturino from the ice cream parlour I Giardini di Marzo gelateria (Varazze) with “Bocca di Rosa.”

A year ago Ungarn Heute visited the confectionery “Kútház (Well House) Cafés and Manufactory” in the town of Gödöllő, east of Budapest. At that time, co-owner László Máthé talked about the fact that it happens from time to time that certain flavors of ice cream are sold out, which is mainly due to the increasing demand for higher quality, which is ensured by their ice cream producer, Ádám Fazekas.

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Featured photo via Gelato Festival World Masters’ Facebook page