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Work-Based Economy Is Key to Breaking Trade Turnover Records, Says Minister Szijjártó

MTI-Hungary Today 2023.11.23.

A policy focused on job creation is the guarantee of a stable future in Hungary, and thanks to this, last year’s records for investment, employment, and exports were broken despite the crises, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade Péter Szijjártó said in Zurich on Wednesday.

Following a roundtable discussion with Swiss business leaders, the Hungarian Foreign Minister said that the global economy had turned upside down twice in recent times, but despite this, Hungary had still managed to close last year as its most successful year ever, and it is now certain that new records will be set this year. He claimed that

the economy will set a “brutal” record for investment, exports will expand by roughly eight percent, and full employment remains a reality.

This will only happen because the government has stuck to its policy of job creation and investment promotion throughout the crisis caused by the COVID epidemic and the war in Ukraine, he noted.

The minister then pointed out that the focus was on preventing unemployment rather than financing it. “In recent years, thanks to investments by Swiss companies, among others, this has proved to be the right economic policy,” he emphasized.

Work-based economic policy is the stable future for Hungary,

the politician added.

Minister Szijjártó also noted that Swiss investments had contributed to the fact that Hungary had not only survived the crises, but had emerged stronger from each one. He said that some 900 Swiss companies in Hungary provide jobs for 30,000 people, and that the government has supported investments by 36 companies in the last eight years.

It is no wonder that our trade turnover broke a huge record last year, exceeding EUR 2 billion for the first time, and this year we can boast another six percent growth,”

he stressed.

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The minister pointed out that as a committed Member State, Hungary is interested in a strong European Union, in a community that does not further centralize powers, but allows the preservation of national sovereignty and traditions. “Today there are huge debates about what the future of the European Union should look like. At the same time, it seems that if you take a different position from the liberal mainstream, you are immediately hit with financial sanctions,” he said.

Hungary is also facing such financial sanctions, which are without any legal basis and are imposed and enforced only because we have sovereign positions on key issues that are contrary to the mainstream,”

Szijjártó emphasized.

“The opportunity for democratic debate is not given in the European Union, Brussels just talks about democracy, does not work democratically, and at the same time questions the will of the people. This can be seen, for example, in the attitude towards the national consultation,” he added. The foreign minister noted that national consultation is a huge resource for the government in debates that fundamentally affect the future of the nation.

Thus I would respectfully ask everyone to fill in the national consultation questionnaires to strengthen the government’s position in the debates in Brussels in the coming weeks and months,”

he concluded.

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