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Woke British Press in Uproar over Orbán-Braverman Shared Stage

Dániel Deme 2024.03.27.

This year’s National Conservatism conference, better known as NatCon, will be held in Brussels on April 16-17. Among the keynote speakers, one can find the name of former British Home Secretary Suella Braverman and Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán. No sooner have the headline speakers been announced, the poisoned arrows from Britain’s left-wing woke press have started flying.

Braverman is known for her principled stance on migration and tough anti-crime policies within the Rishi Sunak-led government. Her work towards stopping the migrant invasion of Britain via the La Manche Channel has made her a hate-figure both on the left side of the British political spectrum, as well as with the liberal wing of her own party, the British Conservatives. Her warning about police bias benefiting Islamists at antisemitic protests in London eventually cost her her own job. Despite not being in the cabinet any longer, the character assassinations via left-wing journalists seem to continue. The reason? She is supposed to be on stage at the same conservative conference where Viktor Orbán is expected to make a speech.

The Telegraph, formerly conservative-leaning, had reported that Braverman is set to appear alongside “controversial” Hungarian Prime Minister Orbán, whom they described as a “hard-Right” leader. The author of the article called the Hungarian PM “Vladimir Putin’s closest ally in Europe, who has blocked European Union funding for Ukraine.” Apart from the factual errors in the above description, neither the author of the article, nor The Telegraph‘s editors have bothered checking the correct spelling of the Hungarian leader’s name.

The article also accuses Orbán of cracking down on gay rights and press freedom. They quoted the Liberal Democrats politician Layla Moran, in whose view the Hungarian head of government is a “far-Right authoritarian.”

Even The Spectator, one of the last centrist publications in Britain felt it necessary to point out that Braverman is participating at the conference alongside, “controversial Hungarian premier Viktor Orban.” Lesser-known British publications have also joined the anti-Orbán frenzy with statements like “autocratic leader,” who has been accused of eroding democracy, “far-right figure” who rules with an “authoritarian fist,” etc.

It is amply clear that despite the bias-ridden, extreme characterizations of the Hungarian leader, these articles are in fact directed against Braverman, and serve as a character assassination against the very few consistent conservative politicians in Britain. Alongside her predecessor, Priti Patel, she was one of the very few cabinet members willing to challenge the Conservatives pro-diversity and pro-migration mantra. Her uncompromising stance on illegal migration, work towards the Rwanda deportation plans, and raising her voice against Islamist demonstrations on Britain’s streets eventually cost her her job in the Sunak Cabinet.

Photo: Facebook Rishi Sunak

Britain’s media landscape is sinking into an ever deeper crisis of its own demise, as it continues to ignore the fact that it is severely out of touch with both public sentiment, as well as reality on Britain’s streets. Slurs, character assassination, casual labeling, and deeply biased activist reporting is now not only commonplace, but seems to have become a rule that few journalists are able to escape.

The Conservative party that is facing an existential crisis of its own, has no answer to the radical left’s near complete takeover of Britain’s media landscape. They seem to be unable to reflect on the lessons of a similar scandal when one of their MPs, Daniel Kawczynski, was formally reprimanded for appearing at the 2020 conference alongside Orbán. Languishing in the polls by some twenty points behind their arch-rivals, Labour, they face a humiliating wipe-out in the upcoming general elections.

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