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Wizz Air’s Latest High-Tech Aircraft to Connect London with Budapest

Hungary Today 2024.02.21.

The 200th aircraft has arrived at Wizz Air, reducing the average age of the airline’s fleet to 4.2 years, reports Világgazdaság. The new Airbus A321neo will be based at London Luton Airport, the company announced in a statement.

The company stressed that the Airbus A321neo aircraft offers significant environmental benefits thanks to its advanced avionics. The model:

  • uses up to 50 percent sustainable aviation fuel
  • reduces the noise footprint by 50 percent
  • fuel consumption by 20 percent
  • carbon dioxide by 20 percent
  • emissions by 50 percent.

Thanks to its young fleet and modern aircraft, Wizz Air’s carbon emissions were 6.8 percent lower in 2023, than the year before.

The airline’s average carbon emissions of 51.5 grams per passenger-kilometer is its lowest annual result ever,

and they are committed to reducing their carbon intensity by a further 25 percent by 2030, they say. Wizz Air’s carbon dioxide emissions were 51.8 grams per passenger kilometer over the past 12 months, the lowest among airlines, according to management. However, January emissions rose by 7.2 percent year-on-year to 54.9 grams.

“We invest only in the latest and best technology, and the Airbus A321neo will ensure that our fleet remains modern and comfortable, while also helping us to meet our environmental commitments,” stressed Zsuzsa Trubek, Communications Manager at Wizz Air. She added:

The new aircraft also supports our goal to fly more travelers to the most exciting destinations across Europe at affordable prices.”

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According to the airline with Hungarian interests, growth has not stopped there: they will continue to expand their network following record passenger numbers in 2023. They point out that Wizz Air has the largest order book of Airbus A321neos in Europe and plans to acquire a further 300 aircraft by the end of the decade.

Although Wizz Air carried more than 4.7 million passengers in January, up 14.2 percent year-on-year, aircraft load factors shrank by four percentage points to 82 percent as the airline increased capacity by 20 percent on an annual basis to nearly 5.8 million seats.


The airline operates a total of 19 direct flights between Budapest and London Luton Airport weekly. On average, there are two departures per day. Direct flights take an average of 2 hours 40 minutes to cover the distance between the two airports. Generally, when traveling from Budapest to Luton, the most expensive day is Saturday and the cheapest is Sunday. In the opposite direction, the cheapest day to fly is Tuesday and the priciest is Friday. Prices start at HUF 7,037 (EUR 18).

London. Photo via Pixabay

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Via Világgazdaság; Featured image via Pexels

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