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White House Continues to Spin President Biden’s Gaffe About Viktor Orbán

Hungary Today 2024.03.14.

Viktor Orbán’s meeting with U.S. presidential hopeful Donald Trump continues to reverberate with the Biden Administration in a sign that the Hungarian Prime Minister’s endorsement of the Republican nominee has a considerable weight in American politics. During a press conference yesterday, National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan refused to retract President Joe Biden’s to date unsubstantiated claims that the Hungarian Prime Minister ‘wants a dictatorship.’

Sullivan stopped short of saying that President Biden believes that Hungary is a dictatorship, at the same time he also asserted Joe Biden’s earlier remarks saying, “Of course the president stands by his statement. And I am not walking back his statement”.

Jake Sullivan (R) at an earlier meeting with the Director of the Chinese Communist Party Foreign Affairs Commission, Wang Yi. Photo: Twitter Jake Sullivan

The remarks come only a day after the U.S. ambassador to Hungary was summoned to the Foreign Ministry in Budapest to explain what Foreign Minister Péter Szijjártó called President Joe Biden’s “lies”.

Reacting to a journalist’s question during the press conference Sullivan replied by saying that the Biden administration have made no bones about their “deep concerns about Hungary’s assault on democratic institutions including the judiciary, Hungary’s corruption, and other erosion of democracy in Hungary from the leadership there”.

On Friday during a rally in Pennsylvania Joe Biden went on to ridicule his rival Donald Trump by saying

You know who he is meeting with today down at Mar-a-Lago? Orbán of Hungary, who has stated that he does not think democracy works and is looking for dictatorship”.

President Biden repeated the statement the next day saying “Yesterday he (Donald Trump) was hosting at his club Viktor Orbán. Who says he does not think democracy works”.

When being pressed by journalists, the National Security Advisor reasserted the White House’s position that “Hungary has engaged in an assault on democratic institutions, and that remains a source of great concern to us”. Sullivan stressed that Joe Biden’s view “is totally consistent with everything you just said and is documented and is the exact opposite of a lie”.

Since it is on the record that Ambassador David Pressman was unable to provide any evidence for Viktor Orbán saying what President Joe Biden repeatedly claimed the Hungarian Prime Minister has allegedly said,

the affair will deepen concerns about the U.S. president’s mental health issues.

Reacting to Jake Sullivan’s remarks, on Thursday Foreign Minister Péter Szijjártó had released a social media statement informing that –

“Yesterday, the pro-war, pro-gender and pro-migration US Democratic government continued its campaign of lies against Hungary. This time, the Chief National Security Advisor joined the chorus.
Jake Sullivan’s statement made it clear that

the US Democrats find it hard to accept that in the middle of the progressive liberal sea of Europe there is still an island where we proudly proclaim: no war, no gender, no migration!

We remain firmly committed to peace, to protecting families from aggressive gender propaganda and to not allowing illegal migrants in. Whether the American Democrats like it or not!” – closed his statement Péter Szijjártó.

U.S. Ambassador Summoned to Explain President Biden’s “Lies”
U.S. Ambassador Summoned to Explain President Biden’s “Lies”

Joe Biden commented last week that Viktor Orbán had declared that he did not believe in democracy.Continue reading

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