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On Trips Abroad, Hungarians Are Spending like There Is No Tomorrow

Hungary Today 2024.03.06.
Hungarians spent the most in Austria.

The amount of money spent by Hungarians during foreign travel has increased nearly one and a half times in one year, to HUF 1,585 billion (EUR 4 billion). The time spent abroad also rose significantly, by 25 percent to 65.4 million days last year.

The number of trips and tourism spending by Hungarians abroad increased significantly in 2023, according to newly published data from the Hungarian Central Statistical Office (KSH). Hungarian tourists traveled 17 percent more and spent 25 percent more time abroad last year than in 2022, writes Turizmus.com. The figures are close to, but not yet at the record level of 2019, although last summer’s peak season already saw a spike.

However, Bank360‘s analysis shows that

the amount of money spent abroad in 2023 was a record high, exceeding the 2022 record by 47 percent, with HUF 1,585 billion spent on tourism and other goods and services.

In the first three quarters of 2023, tourists already spent a record HUF 1,200 billion (EUR 3 billion).

Hungarians spent the most in Austria (HUF 267 billion, EUR 679 million) and Germany (HUF 183 billion, EUR 465) – the former with a 41 percent increase and the latter with a 50 percent increase in one year. In addition to a strong increase in the number of trips and the length of time spent out of the country, a rise in price levels was responsible for the surge in spending in 2023.

The Brandenburg Gate in Berlin. Photo via Pexels. 

However, it also appears that those who can afford to travel abroad are going for more days and not cutting back on spending.

The main drivers of growth were multi-day leisure and shopping trips abroad. In 2023, Hungarian citizens traveled abroad 21.1 million times, spending 65.4 million days abroad, according to KSH statistics.

Croatia. Photo via Pixabay

This is an increase of 17 and 25 percent respectively compared to 2022, but still below the 2019 figures. In 2019, Hungarians traveled abroad more than ever before, 24.8 million times, spending more than 75 million days abroad. However, the period from July to September last year was already very good, with 24.6 million days spent abroad only four percent less than in the peak season in 2019.

In the last quarter (October-December) of 2023, the number of multi-day trips did not increase as much (by almost four percent) as in the peak summer season (11 percent) compared to the same period in 2022. Including day trips, the total number of outbound trips increased by 13 percent to 4.9 million. The length of stay increased by 20 percent to 14 million days.

The average number of days spent abroad during the winter season was three, which can be explained by shorter trips to ski resorts accessible by car and a few days of sightseeing,

which is also in line with the travel insurance data from the portal.

Photo via Facebook/Travel Buddies/Darren Wilson

The amount spent abroad increased by 47 percent to HUF 385 billion (EUR 980 million) in the last quarter. The main driver of the increase was leisure travel, according to the KSH. The average daily expenditure of a traveler was HUF 27,000 (EUR 68.75).

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