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Week-Long Blue Ribbon Regatta on Lake Balaton at Full Throttle

Hungary Today 2023.07.03.

This year’s Blue Ribbon Regatta has kicked off parallel to the White Ribbon GeneralCom Grand Prix in the eastern basin of Lake Balaton on Saturday, offering a wide range of coastal and aquatic activities for visitors, athletes, and sailors, turizmus.com reported on Sunday.

Wreath-laying ceremony to open the sailing and tourism season of the year on the oldest sailing boat in Balaton, the Kishamis. Photo: Facebook/Készalag, by Gábor Cserta / MVSZ

On Saturday, the White Ribbon GeneralCom Grand Prix – 26th Izsák Szabolcs Memorial Race (named after Hungarian Olympic sailor) started from the waters off Balatonfüred with a record number of participants. In total, more than 300 boats started the race in the eastern basin of Lake Balaton on the course Balatonfüred-Balatonkenese-Siófok-Tihany-Balatonfüred.

Saturday’s White Ribbon sailing race marked the start of this year’s Blue Ribbon Regatta.

The Regatta “offers a wide range of coastal and water-based activities for interested visitors, athletes, and sailors. On Sunday there will be the Blue Ribbon for young people, the Kékpántlika, and

on Thursday, the 55th Blue Ribbon Raiffeisen Grand Prix will start, to which we are expecting 600 competitors,”

said András Holczhauser, Secretary General of the Hungarian Sailing Federation.

The association is cooperating with the European Capital of Culture Hello Veszprém Balaton (EKF Hello VEB), among others.

The Hungarian Moving Image Festival is organized within the framework of Hello Veszprém-Balaton. Photo: Facebook/Hello Veszprém-Balaton

Alíz Markovits, CEO of the latter program, said that the cultural program series, which is now at its halfway point, focuses on the past, present, and future of Lake Balaton, and the Hungarian Sailing Federation and the Blue Ribbon already successfully cooperated with the organization last year. L30 One Design’s boats, designed in collaboration with students from the Metropolitan University, competed in the White Ribbon with the sails of the European Capital of Culture.


The European Capitals of Culture is an initiative putting culture at the heart of European cities with EU support for a yearlong celebration of art and culture. From January 1, three cities hold the title of European Capital of Culture for 2023 in Europe – Elefsina (Greece), Temesvár, or Timisoara (Romania), and Veszprém (Hungary).

European Capital of Culture Programs Start Off with Spectacular Show
European Capital of Culture Programs Start Off with Spectacular Show

In 2023, the city of Veszprém in Western Hungary and the Bakony-Balaton region will be the European Capital of Culture.Continue reading

Featured image: Facebook/Kékszalag; Photo by Gábor Cserta, MVSZ

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