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“We will fight till the end” – National Football Team Faces Germany Today

MTI-Hungary Today 2024.06.19.

The head coach of the Hungarian national football team, Marco Rossi, believes that his team’s lack of chances in Wednesday’s UEFA Euro group game against hosts Germany could serve as motivation.

“At the moment, we all have the feeling that we really want to show where we belong. Of course, that does not mean a win or even a draw, but we will fight to the end,” explained the Italian head coach, who also has Hungarian citizenship. “Germany are the toughest opponents, but we will try to give our best.

On paper, and not only on paper, they are better than us, but that should motivate us. Hopefully we can get a point, because that will give us hope for the third round. Everyone has to give 100 percent for that,”

he emphasized.

The 59-year-old coach revealed that he intends to make two or three changes to the starting line-up after the Swiss. The Hungarian team does not play bad football twice in a row, because their stability comes from their consistency, he emphasized. “The system is stable because our players play together a lot. Of course, the fact that we do not have such a deep squad as England or Germany also contributes to this.”

Unfortunately, tradition is not enough, the past does not matter, noted Rossi. “You can remember the previous games, but they are not a decisive factor, nor is the fact that the national team remained unbeaten in all three games against Germany under my leadership,” he added.

I have confidence in my team, it can work again, even if it is not the same German team we played against at the last European Championship or even two years ago in the UEFA Nations League.

Toni Kroos is back and Nagelsmann is one of the best head coaches in the world,” he underlined.

The national team against Switzerland. Photo via MTI/Illyés Tibor

Julian Nagelsmann, the head coach of the German national football team, explained that the most important thing is to defeat the opponent on Wednesday and not how many goals his team scores in the second round of the European Championship group stage.

“There are several keys to our success. Hungary are very good at crosses and headers, and they can always create dangerous situations with free-kicks, no matter which striker is on the pitch. (…) I will not go into their weaknesses, but there are some that give us a chance to win,” said the 36-year-old coach at a press conference in Stuttgart on Tuesday.

Head coach Julian Nagelsmann in white. Photo X/DFB-Team

He added that the German team were also prepared for what they would have to do if they conceded the first goal. On what the fans can expect from them, he stressed:

It is always the opponent’s game that determines what we have to do or what we can do on the pitch.”

“The Scots are about the same strength as the Hungarians, but at the same time the pressure will be higher on our opponents on Wednesday, they will be under pressure to score. I therefore expect them to be more offensive against us than they were against Switzerland,” Nagelsmann pointed out.

The match between Hungary and Germany will start at 6 p.m. in Stuttgart’s MHPArena, which can accommodate nearly 55,000 spectators, by Dutch referee Danny Makkelie, who also refereed the 2020 UEFA Europa League final.

Hungarian Fans to March Together to the UEFA Euro Match against Germany
Hungarian Fans to March Together to the UEFA Euro Match against Germany

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Via MTI, Ungarn Heute; Featured image via MTI/Illyés Tibor

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