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Water Level of Lake Tisza Lowered for Wintertime – Photos!

Hungary Today 2021.11.18.

For safe water levels and flood protection, the water level of Lake Tisza was lowered by 1 cm. The Hortobágy National Park posted on its social media page that the large fields of flowers of the summer have disappeared and other birds are also staying there.

This article was originally posted on our sister-site, Ungarn Heute. Translation by Júlia Tar

However, the posted photos show that during this period sponge animals, shells, as well as wooden blocks appear, which cannot be seen in the summer.

Lake Tisza (until 1988 Kisköre Reservoir) is the largest artificial lake in Hungary; in summer it attracts many tourists.

Source: Hortobágy National Park Directorate’s Facebook page

Feature image: Hortobágy National Park Directorate’s Facebook page