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Visa Restriction a Threat from the United States, Says Republican Club Vice President

Hungary Today 2023.08.07.

The United States has tightened the entry rules for Hungarian citizens, citing security reasons, saying that those Hungarians who are living beyond the borders and who were naturalized before 2020, have not been adequately vetted by the Hungarian government, which “poses a risk” for possible entry into the US. Nathan Berger, vice president of the New York Young Republican Club, analyzed this situation, among many others, on Kossuth Radio’s Sunday News program, reports Hirado.hu.

The host claimed that the New York Young Republican Club has criticized and commented on the US government’s imposition of restrictions on Hungary’s participation in its visa waiver program. According to Nathan Berger, the Biden administration has long since made it clear that it is willing to use its power as a tool to force compliance with its policies. He said that the US administration has also made it clear that it does not respect Hungary as a sovereign entity, and this is the latest manifestation of escalating attacks aimed at breaking down the Hungarian people.

Nathan Berger pointed out that the national security argument really fails at the US border with Mexico, where the Biden administration is trying to illegally prevent the state of Texas from defending its borders. As he said, the US is facilitating whoever wants to come, regardless of where they come from, and then spreading the mass arrivals around the country.

So to argue that any Hungarian poses a greater national security risk to the US than unknown people crossing the border is absolutely ridiculous,

he pointed out.

The program’s host recalled that the New York Young Republican Club had previously expressed its appreciation to Hungary for protecting its national minorities living beyond the borders. In this context, Berger said that they had the opportunity to meet recently with Hungarians from Transcarpathia, Ukraine, and heard from them about the measures they are facing from the Ukrainian government, including the issue of conscription. He emphasized that it was ridiculous to say that the Hungarian government is overdoing its efforts to protect national minorities, as we are talking about thousand-year-old communities that are part of the entire Hungarian cultural community.

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The U.S. Regards Members of the Hungarian Minority a

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Berger believes that

the visa change is actually a threat on the part of the United States to share the data of Hungarian nationalities with the government in Kiev, putting the lives of those people at risk.

The measure, he believes, is a continuation of the evil that emanates from the US Embassy in Budapest and is perpetuated by Ambassador David Pressman. According to him, the ambassador has demonstrated his total lack of concern for Hungary, its sovereignty, and culture.

As Berger pointed out, the thinking in Washington and at the US embassy in Budapest is that if they make the Hungarians uncomfortable, they can force them to change their minds. They do not even treat Hungarians as allies, but see them as cogs in a wider machination, he concluded.

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