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Viktor Orbán to Il Giornale: “In a liberal ocean, there is only one conservative island, and that is Hungary.”

Hungary Today 2024.06.05.
Viktor Orbán and Giorgia Meloni

In an interview published on Tuesday with the Milan-based conservative daily Il Giornale, Viktor Orbán explained that he expects two things from the upcoming European Parliament elections: a strengthening of democracy and a new right-wing majority.

The interview with Francesco Giubilei, who is familiar with Hungary, began with Mr. Orbán criticizing the European Commission, describing it as the worst he has experienced during his tenure. For the Prime Minister, a new Commission means “strengthening democracy.” He hopes for a renaissance of the political right in Europe, the success of which, in his opinion, depends on Giorgia Meloni and Marine Le Pen, who “must come to an agreement.”

Joining the European Conservatives and Reformists Group (ECR) is the first option for FIDESZ, although Viktor Orbán does not rule out creating a new, expanded group of right-wing parties in the European Parliament.

Mr. Orbán views the conditionality procedure concerning the rule of law as a politically motivated “blackmail tool” used by the Commission.

“Our fight against Brussels federalism can be an example for many other European nations,” Orbán said. He noted that high national debt restricts sovereignty, but the Hungarian government is working to reduce it, with its own currency allowing for an independent financial policy.

Military support for Ukraine, supported by a majority of the ECR parliamentary group, is viewed differently by the Budapest government due to geographical proximity and the presence of a Hungarian minority in the embattled country. Citizens want peace, not war, “which is not a political game.” The Hungarian Prime Minister warned that

if we allow Ukraine to strike Russia with the weapons that Italy is also supplying, it will result in a strong Russian reaction, and the risk of NATO involvement is only one step away.”

Orbán criticized the Commission’s failed migration policy, stating that distributing immigrants is not a solution to one of the greatest challenges facing European nations. Illegal migration, which is mostly for economic reasons, must be combated similarly to Australia’s approach. “At the European level, we must prevent illegal immigrants from entering European territory; no one should come to Europe without the permission of the nation-states.” Additionally, he emphasized that problems in the countries of origin must be tackled through development projects.

Regarding concerns about the allegedly unjust treatment of ANTIFA activist Ilaria Salis, Mr. Orbán stated, “She was treated just like all other prisoners in Hungary; she should stop playing the victim.”

He added that the Hungarian justice system was classified as completely independent by the European Union last December after two years of investigations.

When asked about Donald Trump’s chances of winning a second mandate, Prime Minister Orbán expressed confidence and declared: “We need a non-globalist president who overcomes the Democrats’ vision of exporting democracy.” He also asserted that if Trump and the EU wanted to, the war in Hungary’s neighboring country would be over within 24 hours.

The demographic crisis, particularly noticeable in Italy, was also discussed. Orbán recommends “benefits and incentives, but also a family-friendly tax system” to protect women, though he admits that the birth rate has not yet risen sufficiently as a result.

Francesco Giubilei, Chairman of the conservative Italian think tank Nazione Futura, concluded by asking the Prime Minister why his country has become so attractive to conservatives worldwide. Orbán explained that

in a liberal ocean, there is only one conservative island, and that is Hungary.”

He sees freedom in Europe as endangered by political correctness and emphasizes the need to fight for the next generation, which risks losing its freedom.

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Via Il Giornale; Featured Image: Facebook / Orbán Viktor

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