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Viktor Orbán: There Is an Ongoing Population Replacement in Europe

Hungary Today 2024.06.21.

On Friday morning, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán gave an interview on Kossuth Radio’s Good Morning, Hungary! program, during which he shared new information about today’s meeting with German Chancellor Olaf Scholz. The Prime Minister also shared details concerning the talks he held a few days ago with the Mercedes-Benz CEO, and of the Monday EU summit.

“Mercedes is now setting up an investment in Hungary that will create 3,800-4,200 new jobs in Kecskemét,” the Prime Minister announced. He indicated that “the Germans will carry out a considerable part of the major developments in Hungary,” thereby “creating a lot of economic power” in the country. “I need to confirm this with the chancellor first,” he added, “because Hungarian participation in German economic development must be guaranteed.”

Viktor Orbán also pointed out that

Europe is currently being threatened by a process of economic isolation.”

He stressed that for Hungary, openness to the world economy is a key issue. “Not because we are a world trading country, (…) but because we produce for the world.” With this in mind, “Hungary has the German chancellor as their ally because they are in the same boat,” he said, “as they are also a producing country.”

The Prime Minister added that another purpose of the meeting with the chancellor would be to review the plans for the Hungarian EU presidency, starting on July 1. He noted that

the three main issues of the presidency will be Serbia’s EU membership, tax cuts (including family support), and Europe’s competitiveness.

EU Summit

Speaking about Monday’s informal working dinner, the Prime Minister said that given the informal nature of the meeting, naturally it was not the forum where the EU’s new leaders were officially elected. This will probably take place at the end of next week in the context of a formal meeting, he noted. However, he pointed out that the left-wing parties had announced during the summit that they had reached an agreement.

The European People’s Party, which calls itself right-wing, has announced that it is joining the left.”

The Prime Minister added that positions have already been divided among members of the center-left (EPP) and left-wing European coalition.

The Will of the European People Is Being Ignored, Says Viktor Orbán after the EU Summit
The Will of the European People Is Being Ignored, Says Viktor Orbán after the EU Summit

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This coalition that has been formed – liberals, left, People’s Party – led by Manfred Weber, who has a role as a Beelzebub in the destruction of Brussels politics, (…) is a pro-war coalition,”

Orbán stressed. He added that those who “want to take Europe to war at an accelerating pace” had come together.

Referring to the coalition’s second program, he said that “the coalition of ‘Weberians’ is pro-migration, they are the implementers of the (George) Soros plan.” Orbán said that the ‘Soros plan’ requires bringing one million migrants into Europe every year, for “which Soros is happy to lend” the necessary finances.

There is a population replacement in Europe, the European population is shrinking, and the number of migrants and the number of people belonging to the Muslim community born here is radically increasing,”

he pointed out. “This is the daily situation in Germany,” he added.

“Thirdly, this coalition is approaching the issue of competitiveness” from the side of raising taxes. “Therefore, we have a pro-war, anti-economic, and pro-migration coalition in Europe: compared to Weber, Von der Leyen is just a ministrant little girl,” he concluded.

This is not the first time that the European People’s Party has done this, collecting national conservative voters and then forming a coalition with the left, the Prime Minister underlined.

Therefore, even if the balance of power has shifted in public opinion in favor of the right, this cannot be directly enforced in Brussels now.”

Photo: MTI/Miniszterelnöki Sajtóiroda/Benko Vivien Cher

War in Ukraine

Speaking about the war in Ukraine, he said that “the West, led by the Americans and with Germany as an extra, wants to defeat Russia.” He added that the train is moving full steam ahead towards war, but “if we have enough support, we can pull the emergency brake on the war and the Hungarians can get off this train.

The minimum objective has been achieved, because Hungary is not taking part in the NATO mission in Ukraine,”

as it has reached an agreement with not only the current but also the future NATO Secretary General on this.

Proceedings against Hungary

On the EU’s battle with Hungary over migration and the Court of Justice of the European Union’s fine, Orbán said that

Manfred Weber’s goal, close to his heart, is to harm Hungary because we prevented him from becoming president of the European Commission in 2019.”

Back then, Von der Leyen won by a nine-vote majority, with 13 votes from Fidesz-KDNP at the time, “hence Weber is suffering from Hungarophobia.” The Prime Minister recalled that in 2018, after winning the election, proceedings against Hungary were initiated rapidly, and now the same has happened with the court’s ruling.

He stressed that they were working on a solution, their working groups were already moving forward, and that this fine would be paid by those who win on migration and war. “We will also defend against this ‘Weberian’ attack, we are strong enough not to let any migrants into our country,” the Prime Minister concluded.

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Abuse under the Guise of Law: Brussels versus Budapest

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Featured image: MTI/Miniszterelnöki Sajtóiroda/Benko Vivien Cher

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