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PM Orbán Meets Popular Right-wing Political Commentator and Host Tucker Carlson

Péter Cseresnyés 2021.08.03.

Prime Minister Viktor Orbán met Tucker Carlson on Monday, one of the most popular television hosts and political commentators in the U.S., and posted a photo on his Facebook page of the pair having a pleasant conversation.

Carlson, the host of the American television channel FOX News, is the most powerful conservative in the United States according to Time magazine, with his popular political talk show “Tucker Carlson Tonight” being the highest-rated show on cable, averaging about 3 million viewers a night.

Viktor Orbán simply wrote “Tucker Carlson Today” under the picture, referring to the host’s recently launched, new political show.

Carlson previously announced on social media he would be broadcasting the show this week from Budapest, as he visits the Hungarian capital and meets with Prime Minister Viktor Orbán.

He has previously discussed Hungary on his show. In 2019, the host praised the Orbán administration’s family policy, which seeks to reward families to have more children to help tackle the country’s challenge of population decline.

According to Tucker, instead of “abandoning Hungary’s young people to the hard-edged libertarianism of [George] Soros and the Clinton Foundation, Orbán has decided to help Hungarian families grow.”

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State secretary Balázs Orbán announced last week on his Facebook page that Tucker Carlson would be visiting Hungary, and the American conservative commentator would give a lecture at an upcoming festival of the Mathias Corvinus Collegium, “MCC Fest” in Esztergom on Saturday.

Featured photo via Tucker Carlson’s Twitter page