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“Viktor Orbán is not blackmailing the EU,” Says MEP Nicola Procaccini

MTI-Hungary Today 2023.12.18.

“Prime Minister Viktor Orbán’s position is understandable, because he is being blackmailed, but EU funds are not a gift, Hungary has a right to them,” Nicola Procaccini, president of the right-wing Brothers of Italy (FdI) said on Saturday. The Brussels summit, which ended the previous day, was also commented on by several Italian leftists.

Procaccini stressed:

Viktor Orbán is not blackmailing the European Union,

but the Hungarian Prime Minister is being blackmailed, claiming that his country is violating the rule of law and that is why the funds due to Hungary are not being transferred.”

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“We are talking about the Cohesion Fund, we are talking about the money after the new coronavirus epidemic: these are all funds that are not a gift for Hungary, but funds that Hungary has the right to receive,” said the Italian politician, who is also vice-president of the ECR family.

The politician spoke to RAI3 public TV channel about the Brussels summit. He stressed that Hungary is subject to the so-called Article No.7 procedure, which is

used by the European Union when “they want to target a government.”

He added that Viktor Orbán’s political position could be accepted or rejected, but that “we cannot accept the prejudice against him.”

On Saturday, Elly Schlein, secretary-general of the left-wing Democratic Party (PD), called for a reform of the European Union. She called for a United States of Europe, a rewriting of the European treaties, and an end to unanimous decision-making.

“Social progress is unthinkable if any Member State can veto it, as Orban did, who is Giorgia Meloni’s greatest ally,” Schlein said.

Former Italian Prime Minister Romano Prodi, who also served as President of the European Commission from 1999 to 2004, speaking at the leftist meeting, said:

Orban is always against Europe, but he will never be outside Europe.”

According to Prodi, Meloni has not yet decided whether to sit in Brussels or Budapest.

Via MTI; Featured Image: Facebook / Nicola Procaccini

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