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Venice Exhibition to Showcase the Beauty and History of Hungarian Glass Art

MTI-Hungary Today 2023.08.29.
Mária Lugossy’s “Holy Ghost” (layered, glued, sandblasted, polished glass)

A group exhibition entitled Glass Art NOW! will be presented at the Ateneo Veneto in Venice, Italy, showcasing almost a hundred exhibits of Hungarian glass art between September 2 and 15, as part of the 7th Venice Glass Week international glass art festival.

Glass Art NOW! will review the highlights of the history of glass art in Hungary. In addition to works from the history of glass, some forty contemporary Hungarian glass artists have been given the opportunity to exhibit, alongside well-known glass artists and young talents.

Glass Art NOW! will present the history of glass in the Carpathian Basin from Roman excavations to the present day,

in connection with the Bohus-Lugossy Foundation‘s research project “A Thousand Years of Hungarian Glass.” The curators have grouped the objects of glass history into four thematic units, under the names of the cities of Rome, Venice, Veszprém (western Hungary), and Salgótarján (northern Hungary).

The Ateneo Veneto di Scienze, Lettere ed Arti is an institution for the promulgation of science, literature, art, and culture in all forms. Photo via Facebook/Glass Art NOW


Zoltán Bohus (1941-2017) and Mária Lugossy (1950-2012), a glass sculptor couple, have created hundreds of unique glass sculptures during their extraordinary careers, that today enrich the most important public and private collections worldwide, including the Louvre, the British Museum, The Corning Museum of Glass, Kunstpalast Düsseldorf, Suntory Museum of Art in Tokyo, Yokohama Museum, and in Hungary the Hungarian National Gallery, the Szent István Museum, and the Munkácsy Mihály Museum.

Their heirs, the three children of the artist couple, intend to keep the best of the collection in Hungary, as the artists originally wanted to, and have therefore agreed to sell only eleven of the entire collection to museums abroad.

László Hefter’s “Attractions,” a painted antique glass. Photo via Facebook/Glass Art NOW

Visitors can listen to the short stories in Italian and English by scanning QR codes placed on the tables of the four thematic display cases, while those who wish to read the full stories in depth can do so on the exhibition website, according to the press release.

The glass history objects were selected from Hungarian museums and private collectors by the curator of the exhibition, András B. Szilágyi, art historian and assistant professor at the Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design, and Szonja Dohnál, co-curator and art historian and deputy director of the House of Arts in Veszprém.

The exhibition of contemporary glass art was created with the participation of about forty artists, ten of whom created completely new works for the first Hungarian glass art exhibition in Venice.

Zsuzsanna Deák’s “Oxids and Metals.” Photo via Facebook/Glass Art NOW

In conjunction with the 2023 Venice Architecture Biennale (18th International Architecture Exhibition), the exhibition will also present a 1:100 scale architectural model of the European Museum of Contemporary Glass Art, the Space Spiral.

Palazzo Loredan, home to The Venice Glass Week, will showcase the work of twenty international glass artists, including five renowned Hungarian glass artists, who are represented in the exhibition in collaboration with the Bohus-Lugossy Foundation.

Exhibition: Hungarian Art Nouveau without Borders
Exhibition: Hungarian Art Nouveau without Borders

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Via MTI, Featured image via Facebook/Glass Art NOW

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