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Trump Congratulates PM Orbán after Tucker Show

Hungary Today 2021.09.01.

Donald Trump addressed Viktor Orbán in a warm letter in August. The former US President even added a hand-written congratulations on the Hungarian Prime Minister’s appearance on the Tucker Carlson show.

“Thank you for your beautiful letter and for your generous support and encouragement on behalf of the citizens of Hungary. I am grateful for your continued friendship and enduring commitment to fighting for the ideals you and I cherish – freedom, patriotic pride, and liberty,” read the letter, posted by the Hungarian PM himself, which expressed some good wishes to Orbán and his family.

Trump also added a special note with a marker: “Great job on Tucker (FOX), proud of you,” he wrote, in reference to Orbán’s recent appearance in the right-wing Tucker Carlson show.

“Thanks for watching,” Orbán reacted on Facebook.

Orbán and his administration have expressed their respect and support of Trump numerous times, and the Fidesz-led government was one of the few that openly sided with the Republican Party’s candidate before the US elections.

featured image: Trump with Orbán in Washington in May, 2019; via Szilárd Koszticsák/MTI