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US Congressman Lobbies for Weapons for Ukraine in Budapest, Gets Meeting with Opposition Politician

Dániel Deme 2023.09.01.
US Ambassador David Pressman (L) and Rep. Jason Crow (R) are entertained by Klára Dobrev (back)

It was a busy day at the US Embassy in Budapest yesterday, as Ambassador David Pressman hosted Democrat Congressman Jason Crow together with one half of the Hungarian opposition’s power-couple, Klára Dobrev, wife of the leader of the largest opposition party (Democratic Coalition), Ferenc Gyurcsány.

“Just touched down in Hungary. Great to be with @USAmbHungary Pressman to discuss US support for Ukraine, promoting democracy at home and abroad, and bringing the US and Hungary closer together,” read Crow’s social media message. The congressman is perhaps best known for his role in former President Donald Trump’s first impeachment trial.

The US Congressman did not deliberate on what entitles him to come to Hungary with the aim of promoting democracy. Other than meeting one of the leading figures of the country’s opposition, he had left with no obvious contribution with regards to strengthening Hungary’s democratic fabric. It is also somewhat of a mystery why Rep. Crow would come to Hungary to discuss US support for Ukraine, as despite their vocal support for arms shipments for Ukraine, the Hungarian left have little to no influence on current policy decisions in this matter.

Crow was most likely intent on meeting members of the Orbán government to pressure them into changing their stance on weapons shipments; however, signs are that Ambassador Pressman was unable to mediate a meeting with members of the governing parties. The US Ambassador himself is shunned by Hungarian government officials, and has not been granted an audience with Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, for instance, ever since he arrived in Hungary a year ago.

US media pundit Tucker Carlson, who recently visited Budapest explained to Mandiner in an interview that the role of a diplomat is not to disparage and criticize the culture of the other country, but to strengthen the relationship and communication between the two countries. What Pressman is doing is political activism, which Carlson believes has never happened before. That is why the current US Ambassador should be fired for his behavior, he concluded.

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