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UNICEF Hungary Releases Child Protection Guide

MTI-Hungary Today 2022.01.29.

UNICEF Hungary on Friday said it has released an online guide on child protection which offers practical advice on how to recognise and fight child abuse.

The guide offers advice to both victims and witnesses on how to spot signs of child abuse and how to approach situations of suspected abuse.

UNICEF Hungary has also posted videos on its website in which experts offer help for resolving everyday difficult situations concerning the treatment of children.

The organisation also noted its free mobile application HelpAPP aimed at educating children on violence, helping them recognise abuse and giving advice on what to do in certain situations.

The statement noted a representative survey on attitudes towards child abuse in Hungary carried out by UNICEF in 2020, in which 83 percent of respondents said they opposed the physical punishment of children.

However, 14 percent said corporal punishment was “an everyday practice” when it came to disciplining children, while 38 percent said that “a few slaps here and there are not damaging to children”.

Asked what could be considered abuse, 30 percent said verbal scolding, 14 percent said taking away children’s mobile phones and 20 percent said grounding children fell into that category.

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Mental Health Professionals Protest Fidesz's

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Altogether 74 percent said they considered depriving their children of love, while 63 percent found the silent treatment to the most abusive form of discipline.

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