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Ukrainians May Work in Places with Shortage Occupations without Work Permit in Hungary

Hungary Today 2022.03.09.

Hungarian-Ukrainian dual citizens can be employed in Hungary without any restrictions, and Ukrainian nationals claiming asylum may be employed in places where there are shortage occupations without needing a work permit, a labor lawyer confirmed to Infórádió.

This article was originally published on our sister-site, Ungarn Heute. 

Earlier, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán had said that all refugees arriving in Hungary would be guaranteed a living. “Some of the refugees will go to relatives, some from third countries will go home, while others want to stay in Hungary,” he said. Currently, 70-80% of refugees are continuing their journey,” Orbán explained in an interview on Friday, adding that the government has kicked-off negotiations with employers to find jobs for those who decide to stay in Hungary for a shorter or longer period.

For those who come here, we can offer what we offer to Hungarians: we can take care of their expenses for three months, just like we give support to an unemployed person for three months, but then they have to find a job. So we welcome everyone and treat them as we do our own, but after a while those who don’t leave and stay here have to find a place in our lives,”

he said, adding that this will also apply to foreigners who come here.

Technical and IT fields, trade and catering, and agriculture are the fields with shortage occupations in which Ukrainian citizens who fled the war and do not plan to return to their country for a long period can most easily find a job.

Labor lawyer László Szűcs of Réti, Várszegi and Partners PwC Legal GmBH told Infóradió: “for those with dual citizenship, it is much easier to find a job, i.e. if they have a social security number and a tax number, they can be employed without any restriction,” noting that of course they should have a registered address, as they have to be registered in some way.

It is different for those who only have Ukrainian citizenship; for them it has to be checked whether they have applied for asylum or not.”

For Ukrainian citizens, then, with asylum status, no work permit is required, he confirmed, if they have applied for asylum. “It is enough if they present their certificate to the employer,” stressed Szűcs.

By Tuesday morning, nearly 180,000 people had entered Hungary at one of the five border crossings with Ukraine.

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