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UEFA EURO Coaches’ Salaries: Southgate Earns 20 Times More than Rossi

Hungary Today 2024.04.09.

Only two months to go until the UEFA EURO 2024 in Germany kicks off, reports Világgazdaság. The international sporting press is unanimous in its praise of Marco Rossi’s work and there are some rankings that place the Hungarian national eleven among the best. Despite the fact that Rossi has assembled an extremely strong squad of Hungarian players, his salary is far below that of the other 23 coaches.

Goal.com has ranked the 24 participating teams according to their chances of winning the gold medal. Interestingly, it is not the English, the betting shops’ favorites, who top the list. Goal.com is backing the French to win it all, which is perhaps unsurprising given that Kylian Mbappé is among the stars in their squad, along with young talent William Saliba and France’s top scorer Olivier Giroud.

The betting shops and Goal.com naturally rank the other major footballing nations in the top ten. Portugal, Italy, Germany, Spain, and even the Netherlands are all at the top of the list.

The website has also put the Hungarian national team in eighth place.

Photo via Facebook/MLSZ – Magyar Labdarúgó Szövetség

This means that the Hungarian team is ranked among the best in Europe. Despite this, the betting shops are not giving the national football team much chance of winning. The Fox Sports odds table gives the sixteenth highest odds for Dominik Szoboszlai’s squad.

Goal.com‘s list of the teams:

  1. France
  2. Portugal
  3. Belgium
  4. England
  5. Germany
  6. Spain
  7. Italy
  8. Hungary
  9. Austria
  10. Netherlands
  11. Croatia
  12. Denmark
  13. Turkey
  14. Ukraine
  15. Slovakia
  16. Switzerland
  17. Czechia
  18. Slovenia
  19. Romania
  20. Scotland
  21. Serbia
  22. Poland
  23. Albania
  24. Georgia
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Although the betting shops are slightly underestimating the Hungarian national team, it is clear that we can expect good results from the national eleven. They have not been beaten in 14 matches, and captain Dominik Szoboszlai is also performing sensationally for Liverpool.

Interestingly, although the Hungarian national team’s form has been unanimously acknowledged by the sporting world, and Marco Rossi’s work has been praised by all, the Italian-Hungarian is paid far less than the other head coaches who are in charge of the other qualifying teams of the European Championship.

Rossi is paid EUR 300,000 a year for his work at the helm of the Hungarian national football team,

Finance Football reported. Only Czech club manager Ivan Hašek (EUR 250,000), Romanian head coach Edward Iordanescu (EUR 240,000), and Georgian boss Willy Sagnol (EUR 200,000) earn less than Rossi.

The highest-earning coach of the 24 national teams is England manager Gareth Southgate, who despite a high-profile conflict with his players in the press, is paid EUR 5.8 million for his work. He is followed by the German team coach Julian Nagelsmann with EUR 4.8 million, and then the Portuguese manager Roberto Martínez, whose job is worth EUR 4 million. Didier Deschamps, the French head coach and one of the favorites to win the title, earns EUR 3.8 million every year.

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National Team Surpasses Sweden in FIFA World Ranking

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Via Világgazdaság, Goal.com, Finance Football; Featured image via Facebook/Marco Rossi

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