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Uber Taxis Return to the Streets of Budapest in Early Summer

Hungary Today 2024.04.18.

Uber has been granted permission to re-enter the Hungarian market, reports Telex. Uber plans to return to Budapest in cooperation with Főtaxi, which will take place in early summer.

The obstacles to Uber’s entry into the Hungarian market have been cleared and the dispatching license has been granted, the communications agency representing the taxi company’s Hungarian division confirmed.

After the Center for Budapest Transport, the National Transport Authority also gave the green light for Uber’s launch in Budapest on April 16, 2024, thus completing the official approval process.

As Hungary Today previously wrote, Uber plans to re-enter the Hungarian market in cooperation with Főtaxi, with the dispatching license application submitted on February 27, by F Mobilitás, a subsidiary of Főtaxi.

With the license in hand, Uber’s team now needs to recruit drivers for the platform, which can be joined within days. The service is expected to launch in Budapest in early summer.

Uber previously stressed that last year, the app was opened almost 100,000 times in the Hungarian capital despite the service not even being available in Budapest.

Since Uber’s exit from Hungary in 2016, the company has appointed a new CEO, Dara Khosrowshahi, who has reshaped all aspects of the business. The company has now taken over all operational facets. Uber has become one of the world’s largest platforms, providing earning opportunities for its contracted partners and an integral part of the daily lives of more than 100 million people. It operates in more than 10,000 cities around the world under regulated conditions and works with decision-makers to improve the lives of both communities and users.


The main goal of Uber’s service is to develop a technological solution that connects drivers and passengers on demand. The app works as follows:

  1. The passenger opens the app.
  2. The system pairs the passenger with the driver.
  3. The driver picks up the passenger.
  4. The driver takes the passenger to the destination.
  5. The driver and passenger evaluate each other.
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Via Telex; Featured image via Facebook/Uber Taxi Budapest/Szabó Paja

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