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Two Hungarian Cities on the Podium of the Cheapest European Beers

Hungary Today 2023.11.14.

Debrecen has the cheapest beer in Europe, reports the Daily Mail. The British newspaper used the Numbeo online database to find out which European pubs have the cheapest beer. In second place is Moldova’s capital Chișinău, where a pint costs EUR 1.29. Another Hungarian city, Szeged, is also on the podium with a pint of beer for EUR 1.32.

Szczecin in Poland came fourth (EUR 1.35) and Prešov (Eperjes) in Slovakia fifth (EUR 1.40).

As for the most expensive cities, the Icelandic capital, Reykjavik, has the most expensive beer for EUR 9.27, but the drink is available in three Norwegian and one Finnish city for over EUR 7.95.

Photo via Facebook/Debrecen csodái

As the British tabloid wrote:

For tourists, Debrecen, located in the east of Hungary, offers the cheapest pint in Europe – costing just EUR 1.05 per 0.5 liters.

Thirsty travelers can catch themselves a cheap and cheerful break to Hungary’s second-largest city, and enjoy a pint for six times less than the eye-watering EUR 6.97 London average. The spot is fairly easy to reach, with Wizz Air operating return flights from London Luton Airport for less than EUR 115.

Wizz Air operates flights between the two cities several times a week. Photo via Facebook/Wizz Air

Chișinău, the capital of Moldova, comes second in the top 10 ‘least expensive’ ranking. Amid blocks of Soviet-style architecture lie affordable pubs where beers cost just EUR 1.29 on average.

In third place is Szeged in southern Hungary. Often referred to as ‘the city of sunshine’, visitors can cool themselves down with a pint for just EUR 1.32.

Photo via Pexels


In Hungary, not only is beer reasonably priced, but there is also a very wide range of beers on offer. Beer in Hungary has been brewed for well over a thousand years and the country has a significant history of commercial beer production. The first commercial brewery in Hungary was established in Buda in 1845 by Peter Schmidt. During the heyday of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, the Kőbánya district of Budapest became the center of Hungary’s brewing industry. The Dreher brewery is named after Anton Dreher, the creator of the Vienna lager style. He created the brewery in Budapest in 1862 and it came to dominate the Hungarian market before the Second World War.

Today, Hungary has four large commercial brewers which produce mainly light lagers and German-style dark beers. Lately, some microbreweries have also set up in Hungary, such as Fóti, Legenda, Monyó, Csupor or Mad Scientist. In the 2010s, a lively craft beer scene evolved, with numerous local breweries, festivals and bottleshops.

The Dreher Brewery. Photo via Facebook/Dreher Sörgyárak

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Via Daily Mail, Featured image via Pexles

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