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The 46th Travel+ Exhibition and 32nd Budapest Boat Show opened at the Hungexpo Budapest Congress and Exhibition Center on Thursday. The focus of the exhibition this year is on active and adventure tourism, writes Turizmus.com.

According to Máriusz Révész, Secretary of State for Active Hungary, travel habits in Hungary have changed significantly in recent decades, with people looking for adventure and challenges on their holidays.

Klára Tihanyi, Director of the Travel+ Exhibition, added that the Travel+ Exhibition is organized in a renewed form and content this year, with so-called islands of experience for visitors between February 22-25, alongside the Budapest Boat Show, the Caravan Salon, and the E-bike Test&Show.

Bulgaria, Gyula (southeastern Hungary), and Békés county are the exhibition’s guests of honor.

The 23 domestic and 28 foreign destinations are offering their travels at separate stands, with nearly 150 exhibitors waiting to welcome visitors, she explained.

Mariela Modeva, adviser to the Ministry of Tourism of the Republic of Bulgaria, representing the foreign guest of honor, said that their country will join the European area without borders, the Schengen zone, for air and sea traffic in March, which will boost tourism.

She noted that in Bulgaria there are about 40,000 historical monuments (seven of which are on the UNESCO World Heritage List), 36 cultural reserves, 160 monasteries, and about 330 museums and galleries registered.

Photo via Facebook/Utazás+ kiállítás

Ernő Görgényi, mayor of Gyula, representing the national guest of honor, said that they are focusing on active tourism, presenting, among other things, hiking and cycling trails, the castles of the county, and the natural values of the Körös river and the backwater areas.

Gyula Castle. Photo via Wikipedia

Mihály Zalai, President of the General Assembly of Békés County Municipality, pointed out that their stand, covering about 100 square meters, shows visitors the county’s unique thermal waters, but also the rich cultural and gastronomic offer of the county, such as the Gyula pálinka (fruit brandy) and Csaba Sausage Festival.

The Budapest Boat Show, “Hungary’s largest land port,” opened at the same time as the Travel+ exhibition, with the Hungarian Yachting Association as its traditional strategic partner.

Cycling is also closely linked to active and adventure tourism, which is the focus of the exhibition. The E-bike Test&Show that debuted last year was a great success, and the organizers are once again building a test track of almost 3,000 square meters where visitors can try out the electric bikes on display.

A traditionally popular event at the show is the Caravan Salon, where visitors can view and drive the bikes around.

In addition to the cavalcade of stage events, there is a wide range of activities to choose from, including the reopening of the Festival Island and a Blogger Corner, where nine globetrotters share their memories, experiences, and advice on their travels.

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