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Tragedy: Small Sports Plane Crashes at Air Parade, Killing the Two Aboard

Hungary Today 2023.09.11.

One of the planes on a demonstration flight crashed on Sunday at the Börgönd Aviation Day (central Hungary). According to the Fejér County Police Headquarters, a 67-year-old man and his 37-year-old son died in the accident, reports Hirado.hu.

Pál Győrfi, a spokesman for the National Ambulance Service, said that two people died on the spot in the accident and four others suffered burns.

The ambulances providing medical assistance for the event began treating the injured, and three ambulance helicopters – from Budaörs (near Budapest), Balatonfüred (northern shore of Lake Balaton), and Szekszárd (southern Hungary) – along with several ambulances arrived.

The helicopters took three seriously injured people – a girl, a woman, and a man – to Budapest hospitals. A slightly injured boy was taken to Székesfehérvár (central Hungary) hospital by ambulance,

Győrfi noted.

The Secretary of State for Transport was shocked in having to express his condolences to the families of the deceased on his social media page:

The plane crashed 200-300 meters from parked cars. There is no information yet on why exactly the accident happened.

The site has since been closed for the rescue and this year’s air parade has been cancelled with no aircraft allowed in the airspace.

Anett Szabó-Bisztricz, spokesperson for the Fejér County Disaster Management Directorate, detailed that the sports plane crashed into a parked car and caught fire. She added that three fire trucks were on their way to the scene, but the Székesfehérvár Firefighters Association had already started working on the spot. There was a lot of fear, many people decided to leave the scene, where in the meantime an ambulance helicopter arrived. Those on the scene saw only that the aircraft had stalled during a turn, lost speed, and crashed.

The plane in the crash was the North American Aviation T-28 Trojan that had just arrived in Hungary two years ago, Magyar Nemzet reports. This was the only one of the aircraft in the country. It made its first circles over Szeged (southern Hungary) in Hungarian airspace, with Hungarian registration.

The T-28 Trojan. Photo via Facebook/Albatrosz Repülő Egyesület

Before take-off, Vilmos Rózsavölgyi, the owner of the plane and one of the victims of the tragedy, recalled in detail the history of the plane that had flown around half the world. Produced in 1951, it was in the US Air Force from 1951 to 1956, then sold to the French. It was returned to private hands in America in the late 1970s. The end of the story is that it was bought from South Africa by a Swiss citizen. The plane was dismantled and shipped to Switzerland. “We bought it on 24 April with the help of our friends,” added Rózsavölgyi.

The two victims of the crash were Vilmos Rózsavölgyi and his son, Árpád Rózsavölgyi.

Police Helicopter Crashes into Lake Balaton
Police Helicopter Crashes into Lake Balaton

The aircraft was carrying out a training exercise.Continue reading

Via Hirado.hu, Featured image via police.hu

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