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Thousands Expected at the VIBE Transylvanian-Hungarian Festival

Hungary Today 2023.07.07.

Day Zero of VIBE, the first Hungarian festival in Transylvania, started on Wednesday, and the organizers and event hosts held their traditional press conference on Thursday, the first official day of the festival – reported kronikaonline.ro.

The organizers have set the bar high, expecting 100,000 participants this year, and the result of ticket sales reflects that they are likely to reach this goal. This will put VIBE in the category of major European festivals.

Konrád-Gergely Rés, festival director, highlighted the biggest development of this year’s edition: both the number of performers, and the number of participants have doubled. The number of venues and the infrastructure was planned to accommodate this growth.

The biggest performers of European festivals have been brought to Marosvásárhely (Târgu Mures) for the party of the year, which he believes would not have been achieved without close cooperation with the student unions.

Ferenc Péter, President of the Mures County Council, also emphasized the scale of the visible growth of the event, adding that

VIBE had become the most important festival in Transylvania.

He stressed that it was an important moment in the life of Mures County and Marosvásárhely, as the region could show its cultural and touristic value for visitors from neighboring regions, counties, and even countries.

Zoltán Soós, Mayor of Marosvásárhely, noted that his city is the perfect place for the festival.

“The city is at the heart of Transylvania, not only because of its location, but also in a logistical sense – accessible practically by anything, but boat. VIBE embodies everything Marosvásárhely aspires to be, a truly vibrant city in terms of economic and cultural life as well,”  said the Mayor.

Szabolcs Sófalvi, Mayor of Marosszentgyörgy (Sangeorgiu de Mures), highlighted three advantages that justify the festival.

Firstly, it is important that young people are at home, building a community, making friends, and second, they gain spiritual nourishment. The third most important benefit of the festival is financial: some shops sell as much in a few days, as they otherwise do in a month.

This money  contributes significantly to the economy of Marosszentgyörgy. The mayor assured young people that he would like to see the VIBE Festival organized in the same place, for the next 15 years, at least.

They confirmed that if it is up to them, there will still be a VIBE Festival fifteen years from now.

Details of the program can be found under this link.

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